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Medical Computer Systems Ltd.

Medical Computer Systems (MCS) is specialized in design and manufacture of high-tech medical devices. The company was founded in 1992 by the graduates of the National Research University of Electronic Technology. Projects include a wide spectrum of diagnostic and therapeutic equipment such as EEG, ECG, automatic external defibrillators, biomedical amplifiers for clinics and research.

MCS has valuable experience of registration of medical products in Russia, as well as obtaining CE and FDA approvals for all the projects it has undertaken.

MCS was the first to use sigma-delta AD converters for biomedical devices.

One of the recent and well-known products of the company is the heart screening system HEARTVUE implementing progressive method of dispersion mapping of the ECG signal to the whole cycle of QRST. This method is based on computer mapping of the electrical microalternations of the ECG signal, assigned to specific chambers of the heart (two atria, two ventricles). The map is obtained by calculating the electric voltage between the closely spaced points on the surface, with the original model of the bioelectric generator of the heart, taking into account the application of electromagnetic radiation of myocardium, used for the calculations.

The dispersion mapping and microalternations analyzing method is an innovative technology for ECG signal analysis, enabling registration of electrophysiological processes that are an integral component of the temporal changes in perfusion, microcirculation and metabolic processes in myocardium.

Products manufactured by MCS include:

1. Cardio analyzer

2. Complex for ambulatory ECG registration

3. Cardiovisors:

  • Cardiovisor-6С-sport – device for sports doctors. Purpose: periodic monitoring of microalternations to optimize personal training programs in preparation for competitions.
  • Cardiovisor-6С-fitness – device for individual use in fitness studios. Purpose: periodic monitoring of microalternations to optimize personal training loads.
  • Cardiovisor-6С-М – device for continuous monitoring of microalternations. Purpose: Monitor for efficient instrumental prognosis of the state of the myocardium in intensive care units and operating rooms.

4. EEG Analizer Neurovisor BММ-24

5. EEG Analizer Neurovisor BММ-36

6. EEG Analizer Neurovisor BММ-52

7. EEG Amplifiers Series NVX

8. Wireless Amplifier KARDi3/9

9. MCScap – EEG cap with removable electrodes

10. Computerized polygraph KARDi2NP

11. Complex for evaluation of the cardiorespiratory system of small laboratory animals KOKS

12. Hardware and software package Healthcare Express

13. Stress control system SKUS

14. Software and hardware complex Phytm-Express-HRV

15. Neurotest7 signal generator

MCS also developed customized home heart monitoring systems.

Contact details:
4-2, Passage 4922, Zelenograd, Moscow124460, Russia
Tel./fax: +7 (495) 913-3194, +7 (495) 913-3195
E-mail: mks@mks.ru
Website: http://www.mks.ru/

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