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Oceanpribor, Concern JSC

Concern “Oceanpribor” JSC was set up in 2006 to preserve and accumulate the scientific, technological and production capabilities of enterprises involved in hydroacoustic research and manufacturing, as well as to utilize the accumulated potential effectively to develop hydroacoustic systems and complexes. At present, the company is a national leader in manufacturing of hydroacoustic armament and equipment for the Navy and civil hydroacoustic facilities.

The Concern’s integrated structure comprises 8 enterprises in various cities of Russia:

  1. Concern “Oceanpribor” JSC, St. Petersburg
  2. Taganrog Plant “Priboy” JSC, Taganrog
  3. Plant “Vodtranspribor” JSC, St. Petersburg
  4. Production complex “Akhtuba” JSC, Volgograd
  5. Research Institute “Shtil” JSC, Volgograd
  6. Research Institute “Breeze” JSC, Taganrog
  7. “Vodtranspribor-Start” JSC, St. Petersburg
  8. Plant “Polar Star” JSC, Severodvinsk

Concern “Oceanpribor” is mainly focused on:

  • research and development in the field of shipbuilding, electronics and instrument making
  • production of hydroacoustic armament and equipment for the Navy and civil hydroacoustic facilities
  • production of computers and other data processing equipment
  • software engineering and consulting

Concern “Oceanpribor” manufactures:

  • Ship, aircraft and stationary hydroacoustic complexes and systems for underwater lighting in the ocean
  • Systems with flexible extended trailing antennas used on the Navy ships, as well as for commercial purposes
  • Ccommunication systems and systems for information transfer via hydroacoustic channel
  • Alarm annunciators
  • Navigation, search and observation hydroacoustic systems
  • Fish searching facilities
  • Side-scan sonar devices
  • Acoustic antennas and their elements, screens, sound transparent fairings, measuring hydrophones and transducers, equipment for ocean research
  • Real-time digital computing systems for hydroacoustic information processing

Contact information:

Address: 46 Chkalovsky Ave, 197376 St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
Phone: +7 (812) 320 8040 / 41
Fax: +7 (812) 320 8052
E-mail: mfp@mail.wplus.net
Website: www.oceanpribor.ru

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