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Bios plus, LLC

Bios plus LLC is the Kirov company specializing in software development, process automation and deployment of innovative technologies in the food, chemical and microbiological industries.

BIOS plus main activities:

1. Automation of technological processes:

  • Software development in FBD for microprocessor-based controllers "MIKONT", "REMIKONT", "CONTRAST";
  • Development of a control algorithm for high precision dosing of liquid and granular media based on microprocessor controllers "MIKONT", "REMIKONT", "CONTRAST";
  • Development of the top level software;
  • Automation of spray dryers and vacuum evaporators in the dairy industry;
  • Development of control algorithm in the cooking section in the alcohol industry, optimization of fermentation and saccharification processes via innovative technical solutions;
  • Development of control algorithm for yeast assimilation tanks in yeast industry and for fermenters in the microbiological industry, optimization of fermentation process via innovative technical solutions.

2. Development of technology for food and feed additives on the basis of bakery yeast autolysate.

3. Assistance in setting up production line for a highly efficient feed additive "AMIKONT", consultancy, equipment supply.

4. Development of a tubular bioreactor designs to produce biogas from animal waste.

Developments of BIOS plus company:

  • ACS “Drozhzhi” (Yeast) – this automated control system allows to optimize the process of yeast breeding and eliminate human error in the process flow.
  • Feed additives "Amikont" and "Amikorm" - mixtures based on bakery yeast autolysate, containing up to 20% more free amino acids than normal, and can be used as a highly effective fertilizer, feed additive, biologically active supplement, in the cosmetics industry, etc.
  • Tubular bioreactor - a source of alternative energy (gas from animal waste) and the method for producing ready to use high-efficiency organic fertilizers. The design of the tubular modular bioreactor, developed by BIOS Plus and patented in the Russian Federation, allows to stabilize the fermentation process and increase the yield of biogas.

Contact information:
Address: 16A Severnoye Ring, Kirov, Russia
Tel./Fax: +7 (8332) 581-231
E-mail: bios4010@mail.ru
Website: http://bios.foodset.ru/index.php

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