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Research and Production Laboratory "Medoptika"

Research and Production Laboratory “Medoptika” produces equipment for the treatment and prevention of eye diseases. The devices are focused on carrying out medical and recreational activities to fight against the following diseases:

  • eighsight deterioration due to asthenopic symptoms associated with intense visual load (spasm of accommodation, pseudomyopia, increased visual fatigue - asthenopia);
  • deterioration of visual acuity due to refractive errors: initial or progressive myopia (short-sightedness), astigmatism, hyperopia (farsightedness) and presbyopia (age-related farsightedness);
  • various disorders of binocular vision (such as strabismus);
  • amblyopia (lazy eye), degenerative processes of the retina and optic nerve;
  • rehabilitation treatment after surgery aimed at removal of the optical defects of vision.

Manufactured products include devices and software for the visual training, physiotherapy devices for light-, electro- and magnet stimulation, eye-charts and vision-testing devices. Devices and simulators can be used independently or integrated with each other and also in combination with products of similar purpose.

Devices for conservative (non-surgical) treatment can be used in clinics, specialized kindergartens, vision protection and overall relaxation cabinets. The devices can also be used individually at home, due to the affordable price and simplicity of operation.

Medoptika products:

         1.  Integrated solutions:

  • The complex TAKOV

         2.  Training and control of accommodation:

  • Rucheyok TAK-6 (four models)
  • AKR-1

         3.  Treatment of amblyopia:

  • Mosaika PSR-1
  • Relyef (software) PSK-1
  • Svetovoye pero TVO-1

         4.  Treatment of strabismus:

  • Raduga BZR-1
  • Gamma (software) BZK-1

         5.  Apparatus for stimulation:

  • CMS-11
  • CMS-10
  • Additional equipment for the CMS-10
  • ELS-2

         6.  Visual acuity testing:

  • Summary album №1
  • C-optotype album №2
  • E-optotype album №3
  • Set of eye charts №4
  • Set of eye charts №5

Contact information:
Address: 107, build.1, Dmitrovskoye shosse, office 205, Moscow 127247, Russia
Phone / fax: +7 (495) 485-57-20
E-mail: medoptika@medoptika.ru, odintzov@medoptika.ru
Website: www.medoptika.ru 

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