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Special Civil Engineering Center of the Research and Design Institute of Radio-Electronic Engineering

Special Civil Engineering Center of the Research and Design Institute of Radio-Electronic Engineering was founded in 2001 and accredited by the Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corporation.

Special Civil Engineering Center designs, manufactures and installs engineering and technical systems for physical perimeter security, including that of special, important and critical facilities. The company has the necessary licenses and certificates for the performed works and produced products (ISO 9001:2000).

The Center’s products:

  • different types of barriers, canopy barriers;
  • doors and gates;
  • locking devices;
  • reinforced barbed tape;
  • anti-ram devices, turnpikes, bollards;
  • junction boxes;
  • armored guard towers;
  • armored turrets;
  • hangars, etc.

Last year the Center has developed several types of innovative products. Among them:

  • Anti-ram arm gates to ensure safety at level crossings. Width of the overlapped roadway is 7.5m. The arm gates are able to resist dynamic force of the ramming attack of the 10-ton vehicle at the speed of 40 km/h. The equipment is designed to operate in all climatic zones of Russia.
  • Technical security equipment set for protection of long perimeters INTEGRAL. The basis of the system are complex barrier systems METOL, MAKHAON-STANDARD and the vibration detection device. There are twenty versions of the complex, which allows to vary certain structures and systems depending on the task.

For the convenience of customers, Special Civil Engineering Center issued unique electronic inquiry and communications system, which offers typical design solutions for the organization of physical protection systems of different objects and their components, mass-produced at the plant.

The organization is currently working to implement the latest Russian developments in the field of perimeter protection in Ukraine. The Ukrainian representative office has been opened.

Special Civil Engineering Center regularly participates in international exhibitions and conferences. In 2011 only, the organization presented its products at the International Exhibition “MIPS 2011”, the International Conference on Transport and Logistics “TransRussia 2011” (Transport Security section), the exhibition “Transport of Russia” within the framework of the forum “Russian Transport Week 2010”, etc.

Contact information:
Address: 62 Chaadaeva St., Penza 440013, Russia
Phone: +7 (8412) 900-173, (8412) 57-25-24
Tel. / Fax: +7 (8412) 900-933, (8412) 57-24-91
E-mail: info@cesis.ru, snabsbit@cesis.ru
Website: www.cesis.ru 

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