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Gruppo Agroindustriale Italiano

Italian Agro-Industrial Group was established in 2010. Gruppo Agroindustriale Italiano is made up of the leading Italian companies involved in the manufacturing of equipment for agroindustry and food industry: Rovani Engineering & Manufacturing S.r.l, S.B. Impianti S.r.l, Eller S.r.l, FARCK SpA, SPEROTTO SpA, GRESPAN, EURO MEC, Evoteck S.r.l.

The only Russian office of Gruppo Agroindustriale Italiano is located in Moscow. The Russian office presents the companies within the Group to the Russian clients and ensures direct communication of the customers with the Italian factory.

Gruppo Agroindustriale Italiano offers:

1. Equipment for meat and dairy industries:

  • Slaughter and primary processing of livestock
  • Slaughter and primary processing of poultry and rabbits
  • Meat packing
  • Milk processing
  • Dairying

2. Equipment for fruit and vegetables processing, concentrated juice production.

3. Equipment and technologies for breeding and fattening poultry and livestock.

4. Fooder production and storage equipment.

5. Waste recycling equipment.

6. Equipment for sewage treatment plant construction.

Gruppo Agroindustriale Italiano equipment is designed and manufactured in the best traditions of Italian engineering and quality. Years of experience and continuous technology improvement will allow to introduce advanced solutions to streamline and simplify the manufacturing process, minimize losses and energy consumption in the sector of agro-industry and food industry.

Contact information:
7 Furmanny Pereulok, office 3, Moscow 105062
Phone: +7 (495) 624-0755, 624-8234
E-mail: info@gaiit.ru
Website: www.gaiit.ru

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