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Master Di

Master Di has been manufacturing dental appliances since 1992. The company produces sets of appliances for preventive dentistry, work with composite materials, dental plaque removal, as well as a number of sets for use with metal-ceramic and wax.

Due to the use of proprietary manufacturing technologies, the produced appliances demonstrate excellent quality and reliability at a relatively low price. All the appliances meet the fundamental requirements to the product, are certified and have passed multiple tests and trials in research institutes and laboratories.

Currently, the company is actively developing new appliances for dentistry and other areas of medicine.

Master Di’s latest development is a dental instrument for working with composite materials. Its distinguishing feature is a unique coating of the working parts and lightweight titanium handle. New technology that implies coating the working end of the instrument with silicon carbide makes it firmer, smoother and more resistant to scratching. The technology significantly reduces adhesion of composite materials to the instrument.

Absolute reliability of the coating, its resistance to multiple ultrasound treatment and all kinds of disinfection and sterilization, hand finishing of work surfaces under a microscope ensures longevity of the tool.

The company manufactures tools for individual orders.

Master Di also provides services for instrument sharpening, manufacturing of dental and medical instruments to order, carries out turning, milling and metalwork.

Contact information:
Address: 12 Malaya Pionerskaya St., Moscow 115054, Russia
Tel. / Fax: +7 (499) 235-21-08, (495) 768-38-92
E-mail: instrumentmasterdi@rambler.ru
Website: http://www.masterdi.ru/ 

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