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Logos, Production Company

Over its 15-year history, Logos Production Company has developed a variety of computer simulators for the entire nomenclature of armored vehicles currently produced in Russia.

Due to the long-term and successful cooperation with the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Rosoboronexport”, Logos simulators have been delivered both to the domestic market and worldwide.

Modern simulators are represented by complex systems, modeling and simulation systems, computer networks and software, physical models and special techniques, which aim to prepare trainees for quality and timely decisions in real-life environment. Logos simulators are developed using modern technologies in the field of computer engineering, electronics, mechanics, mathematics and military science. Logos products can be characterized by maximum use of standard equipment of the combat vehicles, high level mathematical and software modeling of combat vehicles, high quality electronics and up-to-date computer equipment.

Over the last several years, the company has been actively developing automotive simulators, both for military and civil vehicles. The company produces driving simulators for special multi-axis wheeled chassis, as well as those designed for training of URAL, MAZ, KAMAZ truck drivers.

Military simulators production technologies found civil applications as well. In 2006, the Moscow City Hall placed an order for development of a brand new type of simulators for urban transport driving.

Logos products

Simulators for crews of the Russian armored vehicles:

  • Tanks (Т 90, Т 80U, Т 72, Т 62, Т 55)
  • Infantry combat vehicles (BMP 3, BMP 2, BMP 1)
  • Armored personnel carriers (BTR 90, BTR 80А, BTR 80C)

Close combat tactical simulators:

  • Tactical and firing simulator for tank platoon
  • Tactical and firing simulator for BMP motorized infantry platoon
  • Tactical and firing simulator for BTR motorized infantry platoon

Automobile driving simulators:

  • Motor car driving simulators (VAZ-2110, Renault Logan, etc.)
  • Heavy-duty dump truck simulators (BELAZ)
  • Double-purpose truck transport simulators (URAL, MAZ, KAMAZ, UAZ)
  • Special motor vehicle chassis driving simulators (MAZ, TATRA)

Public transport simulators:

  • Passenger bus driving simulators (LIAZ, MAZ, Voljanin)
  • Trolley bus simulators (MAZ-103Т)
  • Tram simulators (КТМ-8)

Motodrome automation complex: complex solution for automation of both new and existing motodromes, based on accurate determination of each vehicle’s position using satellite navigation systems.

Harvester simulator

Contact details:

Logos Production Company
28A Shipilovskaya Str., 115563 Moscow, Russia
Tel.: +7 (495) 995 5218, +7 (495) 995 5215
Fax: +7 (495) 995 5216
E-mail: info@logos.mephi.ru

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