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Research and Production Company "Mayak-93"

Founded in 1993, Research and Production Company “Mayak-93” is a fast-growing company that specializes in the production of metal-polymeric pipes and equipment for their production.

Mayak-93 has high scientific and technical potential. The equipment produced at the enterprise is being constantly upgraded and improved.

Research and development work conducted by the company in the housing and utilities sector allows to effectively develop new technologies, produce advanced equipment and high-quality products.

Mayak-93 products:

  • Equipment for multi-layer metal-polymeric pipe production;
  • metal-polymeric pipes;
  • design and installation of multi-layer metal-polymeric pipe systems;
  • ultrasonic instruments and devices;
  • trenchless pipeline rehabilitation.

The company experts have developed and implemented new automated control system for technological line for the production of metal-polymeric pipes having an outer diameter up to 75 mm. Tests on the use of raw materials, which allow production of metal-polymeric pipes with higher performance, are being conducted.

Advanced R&D by Mayak-93:

  • Development of technologies and equipment, organization of production of heat-resistant metal-polymeric pipes with high consumer and service properties on the basis of new composite nanomaterials for the needs of housing and utilities sector and other industries.
  • Development of domestic thermoplastic composite materials for flexible pipes and hoses, arranging deliveries of finished products for the needs of automotive engineering.
  • Development of technology and setup of production of damping elements of absorbing devices of rail vehicles based on a composite polyester thermoelastoplast.
  • Development of new generation fittings for polymeric and metal-polymeric pipes and their serialization.
  • Development of technology and prototype equipment for manufacturing twisted composite pipes of different diameters and applications.
  • Development of new methods for trenchless pipeline rehabilitation on the basis of new composite materials.
  • Development of technology and organization of pilot production of ultrasonic equipment for oil and gas industry, construction and housing and utilities sector.
  • Development of methods for reducing potable water consumption in residential and office buildings, prototype systems for economical supply of apartments and individual houses.
  • Development of technology and organization of production of water meter bodies from high-temperature thermoplastics.
  • Development of technology and organization of production of elements structures for the hydrogen hydrolysis from modified polysulfone.

The company′s services:

  • demonstration of the operations of multi-layer metal-polymeric pipe production line at Mayak-93 plant and/or at one of the existing plants for the production of multi-layer metal-polymeric pipes;
  • development of multi-layer metal-polymeric pipe production project;
  • manufacturing, installation and pre-commissioning of the equipment (including laboratory and supporting) at customer premises;
  • supply of raw materials for the production of multi-layer metal-polymeric pipes;
  • providing training, probation in one of the existing plants, certification of personnel;
  • development of specifications and their approval in the Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology;
  • certification of products;
  • warranty and design supervision.

Contact information:
Address: 43 Altufyevskoye Shosse, Moscow, Russia
Phone: +7 (495) 974-7115, 363-2910/11
E-mail: mayak-93@yandex.ru
Website: www.mayak-93.ru 

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