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Research and Production Company "Lovin Fire Protection"

Research and Production Company “Lovin Fire Protection” was founded in 1994 on the basis of the conversion in the Russian defense industry. The company specializes in production of protective and finishing materials for wood: fire protection, antiseptics, texture, brighteners and whiteners.

In the research laboratory of Lovin Fire Protection technical solutions aimed at creating new materials, improving the products’ quality and extending the application field are constantly being sought. The production base is equipped with modern high-tech equipment, which allows manufacturing high quality varnish-and-paint, protective and finishing materials using water-dispersion technology, water-emulsion technology, the technology for obtaining solutions, technology for production of multi-component composite materials, technology for obtaining dry mixes.

A distinctive feature of the company products is that the manufactured materials represent a unified complex of chemicals designed for a phased, strictly sequential processing of wood at all stages of the wooden house construction.

All the products are authorings by the company’s scientists and specialists. The experts’ qualifications and modern laboratory equipment allows conducting beginning-to-end development - from exploration and calculation, R&D works to the technology development and commercializing. In particular, the company has the ability to conduct research on deep impregnation of wood with the help of its laboratory and semiplant autoclaves.

The company’s innovative activity is aimed at the development and production of new high-performance protective and finishing materials for wood.

The company specialists have developed and supply to the Russian market series of fire and bio protection compositions for wood.

The leader in this series is fire and bio protective composition “KSD-A”. With this composition, an innovative synergetic principle has been applied, which allowed for the first time in the industry to achieve the highest degree of fire protection for wood (Group 1) due to surface impregnation, which is the most simple and accessible way. The composition’s formulation has no restrictions on application areas, and is particularly effective for industries that require increased fire protection, such as a passenger car-and shipbuilding, nuclear industry, etc.

The company specialists were the first to solve the task of creating water-based fire and bio protective textured coatings. Six years ago, “LOVINEKS” coating which optimally combines fire-retardant, bio- protective, moisture-barrier and decorative properties has been certified. “LOVINEKS” has been successfully used for finishing interiors and facades of wooden houses, villas and cottages. A number of special additives makes the coating resistant to weather and solar radiation.

One of the latest innovations by Lovin Fire Protection is to development of a fundamentally new mechanism for fire protection for wood, based on chemical conversion of cellulose in the surface layer of wood into the low-combustible material. As a result of these developments a new fire and bio protective composition “PYROL” has been the created. This composition is not fire protective in the traditional sense: it does not make form or coke on the surface of wood, neither it emits reactionless gases, reduces the temperature or exhibits any flame retardant factors. Fire protection is provided by low-combustible cellulose, which is formed in the surface layer as a result of chemical interaction with “PYROL.”

Lovin Fire Protection annually participates in specialized international exhibitions held both in Moscow and in the regions of Russia. The company has been repeatedly awarded with medals, diplomas, certificates and letters of appreciation.

Contact information:
Address: 2 Ugreshskaya St., Moscow 115088, Russia
Phone: +7 (495) 937-48-07, +7 (985) 776-76-02, +7 (916) 169-04-23
Fax: +7 (495) 937-48-06
E-mail: pir@lovin.ru
Website: http://www.lovin.ru 

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