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Energocontract, JSC FPG

Since 1994, FPG Energocontract JSC has been engaged in developing, manufacturing and delivering individual complete sets for thermal protection.

In 1999, the company started development and production of electric arc protection sets. In 2006, FPG Energocontract became the largest European company manufacturing protection sets from Nomex® fiber and used at all the leading electric power, oil & gas, rail transport enterprises, civil defense and emergency situations departments.

FPG Energocontract has its own research and production center. THERMOLUX® has become the trademark of protective garments which FPG Energocontract manufactures for power engineering specialists.

The working clothes and footware manufactured by the company protect against industrial hazards, such as electric arc, static electricity, sparks and splashes of liquid metal, open flame, crude oil and oil products, bites of blood-sucking insects (innovative anti-encephalitic suit “Biostop”).

FPG Energocontract is a basic industry-oriented partner of US chemical concern DuPont and the only owner of the certificate of International Quality Program (Nomex® Quality Partner), which confirms the products’ correspondence to high standards and requirements specified for thermoresistant clothes.

Contact details:

9 Karmanitsky pereoulok, office 707, 119002 Moscow, Russia
Tel.: +7 (495) 956-0418
E-mail: press@energocontract.ru
Website: http://www.energocontract.ru

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