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Avtostankoprom, LLC

Avtostankoprom LLC is a supplier of metalworking machines, spare parts and accessories, machinery, equipment and hydraulics of domestic and foreign manufacturers.

Avtostankoprom aims to provide complex solutions for the technical equipment of industrial enterprises, production of non-standard innovative products and selection of modern and efficient technologies and production equipment, introduction of new technologies, efficient and uninterrupted operation of enterprises.

The company is a major participant in the only in the CIS Alliance for production and application of epilame coating technology. This nanotechnology allows to quickly and efficiently - with less effort and financial costs - improve reliability and service life of the parts and components fivefold. It increases such properties as antifriction, water repellency, anti-corrosion, anti-adhesion, dust proofing, fungus proofing, etc.

The Alliance of Scientific Industrial Technologies includes Avtostankoprom LLC, Izhmashstanko JSC (development and production of epilame coating facilities for industrial enterprises in Russia and the CIS) and LNT (development and adjustment of epilame coating formulas).

As part of the Alliance, Avtostankoprom is engaged in a comprehensive study of operational performance, production of a number of multifunctional fluorine containing lubricating compositions based on fluorine-SAS (epilames), examination of the peculiarities of the production, development and implementation of epilame coating technology; supply of epilame coatings and specialized equipment for degreasing, coating and thermofixating; their introduction to various industries, areas of medicine, utility facilities, etc.

The company performs the full range of services: delivery, commissioning, maintenance and warranty services, engineers and technicians to develop epilame coating technology, as well as to manufacture spare parts as per the customer′s requirements specification.

Avtostankoprom’s main clients are major machine-building, agricultural enterprises of Russia, as well as those in oil and gas and construction industries. Among them are UAZ JSC , Severstal JSC, Gazprom JSC, Power Machines OJSC, Severnaya Verf shipyard, Izhmash JSC, Izhora Plants JSC, Baltiysky Zavod JSC, Severinterprom JSC, ICN-October JSC, Agrotrans JSC, Lukoil JSC, Admiralty Shipyards, Gidroprivod, and many others.

Contact information:
Address: 138 Obvodnogo Kanala embankment, St. Petersburg 190020, Russian Federation
Phones: +7 (812) 252-6486, 251-9571, 252-4134
Phone/Fax: +7 (812) 495-9856, 252-1480
E-mail: avtostankoprom@mail.ru
Website: http://www.avtostankoprom.ru/

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