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Computer science
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Ecology, resource saving

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Atomic bomb
Fast food


Engineering company "AVIS" was created in 1996 to develop technology, equipment and automation equipment for the design of enterprises producing construction materials, process engineering, automation systems engineering, design of industrial equipment design, as well as for manufacturing equipment and automation systems.

The company objectives include solution of complex problems in the development of technological projects, development of non-standard equipment and systems for automatic process control, manufacturing equipment and control panels, as well as conducting installation supervision works and commissioning.

AVIS, LLC has its own design and project department, which enables performing works for organization and modernization of production facilities.

AVIS specialists have developed technologies for:

  • autoclave curing and non-autoclave curing products (foamed concrete, aerated concrete);
  • transfer of sand-lime brick factories to gas silicate production;
  • foamed polystyrene concrete;
  • silica brick;
  • cement sand brick;
  • ceramic bricks;
  • expanded clay;
  • dry construction mixes;
  • limestone flour;
  • dispensing of bulk and liquid materials;
  • cncrete and mortar mixes.

AVIS services:

  • engineering services;
  • raw materials testing and evaluation;
  • production schedule development;
  • development of the technological part of the project;
  • development of technological processes;
  • technology development;
  • development of non-standard equipment;
  • steel structures fabrication, including as per customer′s drawings;
  • development of systems for automation and process control;
  • process automation systems engineering;
  • equipment manufacturing and supply of the equipment sets;
  • automation & control panels and consoles manufacturing;
  • installation, installation supervision, commissioning of equipment and automation systems;
  • repair and maintenance of process equipment;
  • providing scientific and technical assistance in the selection of rational solutions for new or reconstructed facilities in the existing industrial buildings.

AVIS products:

  • equipment set for the foamed concrete plant (cutting technology);
  • equipment set for the plant producing non-autoclave curing aerated concrete (cutting technology);
  • equipment set for foamed polystyrene concrete plant;
  • equipment set for the reconstruction of batching division of concrete products plant;
  • storage of cement and other bulk materials;
  • foamed concrete mixers;
  • mixers for dry mixes;
  • core mixers SC-20 and SK125;
  • cutting complex for cellular products;
  • transporters with different tape widths;
  • screw conveyors (augers) with screw diameter 100, 150, 200 and 300 mm;
  • skip hoists;
  • water dispensers;
  • chemical admixtures dispensers;
  • cement dispensers;
  • inert materials dispensers;
  • continuous action dispensers;
  • forms and carts for the production of cellular products;
  • industrial automation systems;
  • process control system for autoclave scalding of silicate products;
  • non-standard equipment;
  • equipment and metal structures as per customer′s drawings.

Contact information:
Address: 4 Raevskogo Str., Moscow 121151, Russian Federation
Phone: +7 (495) 410-4922
E-mail: info@avisltd.ru
Website: www.avisltd.ru

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