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DVLANDVLAN Group provides the most advanced and innovative engineering solutions for building digital security systems, video and data networks for businesses of all sizes.

DVLAN offers integrated support for projects of any complexity. This approach allows for substantially cuts investor′s costs both during project implementation and during the subsequent operation of the facility.

The introduction of digital HD video surveillance systems and video analysis allows to bring process inspection and enterprise’s security system to a whole new level. Advanced technologies such as VDSL, ADSL, Power over Ethernet significantly expand the possibilities of data transmission systems, opening up new applications of digital technology.

DVLAN solutions allow introduction of advanced HD video surveillance systems and enhancement of the capacity of telephone and Ethernet-networks without laying expensive optical networks.

DVLAN offers solutions for the introduction of digital video surveillance systems in various areas of business and life. The company developed unique systems transmitting video over the telephone networks or transmitting video signal from IP cameras via an electrical network (wiring) or via Wi-Fi, which allows to significantly reduce the cost of digital IP video surveillance.

DVLAN engineers have developed innovative solutions for video surveillance systems for:

  • Industrial enterprises of any size,
  • Stores, shopping centers and hypermarkets,
  • Logistics centers and warehouses,
  • Agricultural and agro-industrial enterprises

When developing new products, the company’s main criterion is to optimize the financial cost of both equipment and design and installation while maintaining the quality and functionality.

Due to its high quality and use of innovative technologies, DVLAN products are irreplaceable for the protection and surveillance of large premises, factories and city streets.

Distinctive features of DVLAN innovative solutions:

  • One camera instead of the usual six!
  • 360 degree view without a turning mechanism
  • High quality picture – 3 megapixel resolution
  • Built-in microphone and speaker
  • Work in all conditions - from -50 to +60 degrees
  • Stand-alone audio and video recording up to two weeks (optional)
  • Free software and updates
  • Uninterruptible power supply (optional)

Contact information:
Address: 11A Kusnetsovskaya Str., St. Petersburg, Russia
Phone: +7 (812) 954-2633
E-mail: sales@dvlan.net
Website: www.dvlan.net

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