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3DVL3DVL company is the exclusive and official distributor of a number of European and North American manufacturers in Russia and CIS countries, and the sole manufacturer of the patented "live" tiles.

3DVL products:

  • Exclusive 3D-film - cutting edge breakthrough in design and industry. This material is used not only in the finishing of offices and housing premises, bars, restaurants, cafes and clubs, but also in the manufacture of packaging. 3D-film has been widely used in the design of sales locations, stand coating, vending machines, plastic cards, stickers, furniture, decoration of exhibition stands, etc.
  • Floor covering (interactive surface, or "live" tiles) - responses to pressing or touching by changing its pattern. The material is heat and sound insulator, shock absorbing, non-slip, easy to clean.
  • Textured glass, or coating with broken glass effect - a unique three-layer material, manufactured in Italy using controlled blasting method. This glass has a wide range of applications in interior design: tables and table tops, wall tiles and stained glass windows, interior walls and ceiling medallions, etc.
  • Stereo effect 3D-tiles - a new product on the Russian market, the sole producer of which is the company 3DVL. Coverage is intended for use in interior design.
  • Lamps from 3D-material - different in size and shape, they can not be bought in stores. Customers can easily assemble them on their own.

All products are protected by international patents and have all necessary certificates. Custom manufacturing of products is monitored by the company specialists during the entire production cycle: from drawing to finished product packaging.

Contact information:
Address: 37 Sedova Str., office 803, St. Petersburg 192148, Russia
Phone: +7 (812) 449-0556
E-mail: 3dvl@mail.ru
Website: www.3dvl.ru

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