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Ecotavr, Research and Production Company

Ecotavr Research and Production Company, established in 2006, specializes in building up the development concepts of extractive and processing enterprises of chemical, petrochemical, oil refining industry, organic synthesis and coke chemistry. The company carries out design of almost all enterprises in industry and agriculture.

Ecotavr experts made several unique developments:

  • associated gas purification technology;
  • environmentally friendly refinery technology, focused on the output specifications “Euro-4, 5” (including new processes “Eckoforming”," Pyrolysis with magnetomotive layer of the carrier”, cationic stabilization of middle distillates of pyrolysed with magnetomotive layer of the carrier species, recycling of straight-run fuel oil fractions into the high-index base oils with the selective extraction of white paraffin wax, catalytic oxidation of sulfur-containing compounds of oil and gas processing facilities on manganese-containing catalysts to clean sulfur dioxide with its subsequent utilization as a dehumidifier of propane-propylene and butane-butylene fractions and production of salt for the chemical industry, in manufacture of catalysts and adsorbents);
  • design of aeration tanks for deep cleaning of water from oil products and simultaneous utilization of ventilation emissions from buildings and explosion-hazardous premises (categories A, B).

The company also deals with disposal of solids with the expansion of the range of products and their certification for use as building materials and materials in the construction of motorways.

Ecotavr specializes in chemistry of precious and rare noble metals and their alloys (platinum, palladium, ruthenium, rhodium, osmium, rhenium, gadolinium, etc.). With the participation of the company’s chief experts Novokuybishevsk and Ryazan catalyst plants (at oil-refineries) were reconstructed and switched over to the technology of continuous deposition of aluminum hydroxide and to production of other phase compositions like bayerite, etc.

The company experts have also developed the activation procedures for practical reducing to zero of coke sedimentation processes on the surface of heat exchangers, together with the heater’s modification effects to impart the isomerizating activity to contact surfaces (without hydrogen medium) with suppression of the polymerization ability.

Ecotavr has started developing its own research and production site for energy-saving technologies, including those in the vortex and magnetic media, with additional cleaning of process streams from corrosive substances and generation of energy for autonomous supply of enterprises.

With the implementation of its projects, the company seeks to reduce the capital intensity of the processes by at least 2-2.5 times compared with the giants of Russian industry.

Contact information:
Address: 73 Omskaya St., Omsk 644070, Russia
Phone: +7 (3812) 565-055
E-mail: ecotavr@yandex.ru
Website: www.ecotavr.ru 

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