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Tuning of the Northern Capital, LLC

Tuning of the Northern Capital LLC provides services on installing innovative reactive braking devices on the cars, car tuning and sales.

Main areas of company activities:

  • Installation of innovative reactive breaking device patented in Russia on various car models
  • Interior and exterior tuning, window tinting
  • Aerographics
  • Engine and suspension tuning, chip tuning
  • Installation of satellite navigation and retrieval systems
  • Installation of Hi-End and Hi-Fi devices, video equipment
  • Installation of car safety systems

Additional services:

  • Automobile show room
  • Auto parts store
  • Tunnel car wash

Contact details:

Tuning of the Northern Capital LLC
General Director - Yury M. Kleba
Legal address:48 Lit.A, Kondratyevsky Avenue, office 1H, 195197 St. Petersburg, Russia
Mailing address: 28-4-39 Karpinskogo Street, 195252 St. Petersburg, Russia
Телефон: (812) 995-71-92
E-mail: ykleba@yandex.ru

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