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Atomic bomb
Fast food

IN-Novator, LLC

IN-Novator, LLC is engaged in development of the innovative multi-mission vehicles for all-season active rest.

Devices designed by the company include:

CLAIDER – vehicle for descending the mountains or sliding over the waves:

  • carries up to 3 people
  • can be used all the year round due to replaceable basic elements (skies, skids, floaters, rollers)
  • RF patent for invention №2357887 is available

AQUAIDER – multi-seat vehicle for sliding over the waves:

  • carries a group of 15 – 20 people
  • similar to CLAIDER, it is used for descending the mountains or sliding over wave
  • due to the unique form of support floaters, the vehicle can remain stable when sliding over the waves or diving under the waves
  • RF patent for invention №2357887 has been obtained. Favourable decision for acquisition of RF patent for invention, official №2008113601 is available

CLAIFER – self-propelled vehicle used for transportation of cargo and passengers in mountainous areas:

  • cargo-passenger section always remains on even keel irrespectively of the surface slope degree, which is the peculiarity of the offered vehicle
  • RF utility patent №78761 is available

WHEELCHAIR for disabled people:

  • has Claifer-based design
  • simplifies moving up and down the staircases and provides mobility in the limited space of the city.

MULTIRIDE ТТТ – portable, hi-tech, transforming vehicle:

  • can carry up to 2 people and move over any surface, including water and swamp
  • due to replaceable basic elements, it can be used all the year round and for various purposes
  • due to compact collapsible design, transportation of the vehicle becomes very easy
  • additional attached implements can be connected to the engine of the general unit
  • application for an invention has been submitted

Fitting for any weather, all the vehicles developed by the company are safe and easy to operate.

Vehicles designed by the company can be applied for:

  • mass transit services at ski and sea resorts, in tourist camps (Claider, Aquaider, Claifer)
  • rehabilitation of disabled people or those who have temporarily lost their ability to work, can be used at home, at the hospital, health resort (wheelchair)
  • entertainment and active rest (hunting, fishing, tourism), agriculture, forest management, operations of the Ministry for Emergencies (Multiride ТТТ)
  • new sports (Claider, Aquaider, Claifer, Multiride ТТТ)

Contact details:

IN-Novator, LLC
p.o.b. 286, 456770 Snezhinsk, Chelyabinsk Region, Russia
Tel. +7 (351) 463-2460
Fax: +7 (351) 463-9952
E-mail: in-novator2009@yandex.ru, cleider@mail.ru

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