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INFOT Research and Production Company studies innovative aspects of signal processing related to communication and television systems.

INFOT’s most significant achievement is creation of RPP (reduction to the perfect part) method of inverse problem solution. When applied during transmission of temporal and spatial signals in reduced frequency band, this method eliminates the theoretical total transfer capability that hinders development.

This brand new technology with its high and long-lasting economic potential provides for qualitative shift to cheapening and simplifying of the specified systems.

The RPP method enables 30-fold increase in communication systems capacity with no need for broadbanding in case the off-frequency emission restrictions are observed, or 30-fold band narrowing given that the capacity remains the same.

When applied in intraframe TV image processing (in particular, with frameless television), RPP method enables several-fold improvement in resolution of image elements for each coordinate or narrowing the band of system spatial frequencies.

The RPP efficiency will be enhanced with gradual development of the method and system parts.

In many applications of great importance is the option to point out the multi- and hyperspectral images out of panchromatic ones ensuring their pixel-by-pixel compatibility.

Protected by a patent RU 2385489, priority date 28 August 2008, the described method has already been exhibited and published.

INFOT can present demo software developed for RPP method implementation. The company is searching for the customers and consumers of its RPP software solutions and partners ready to implement ambitious (and less ambitious) projects involving RPP application.

Contact details:

INFOT Ltd., Research and Production Company
General Director
Boris A. Mikhailov
building 2028, apt. 229, 124365 Zelenograd, Moscow Region, Russia
Tel./Fax: +7 (499) 210-0907 (call after 15.00)
Cell phone: +7 (916) 974-4334
E-mail: minfot@mail.ru

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