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TETRA Electric, Group of Companies

TETRA Electric Group of Companies, operating in energy resources and energy supply sector, was founded 5 years ago and specializes on design and realization of power supply systems and an electrical supply for the industrial enterprises, large investment projects, shopping complexes, business centers, hypermarkets, warehouse terminals, cottage settlements, construction sites, public offices and large entertaining measures.

Being one of the leading companies at the Russian energy saving market, TETRA Electric expands its operations to the Central, Southern and North-western federal districts of Russia.

TETRA Electric has successful experience in implementation of integrated energy-efficient projects aimed at creation of new generating facilities and upgrading of the existing ones, supply and renting of power-generating equipment, generation and sales of the electric and heat power, as well as outsourced operation of enterprises’ electric power systems.

The company is also engaged in implementation of traditional power industry projects and construction of self-contained objects of power generation (heat power stations, boiler houses, etc.) with the total capacity up to 50 Mwt, functioning as general contractor at the following stages:

  • Project management and engineering supervision
  • Project development and approval
  • Equipment supplies
  • Construction and assembly works
  • Commissioning
  • Service maintenance of power-generating equipment

TETRA Electric clients include Toyota Company, Rosterminal Bunker Logistics Complex, chain hypermarkets, Saint Petersburg Healthcare Committee, Administrations of Pskov, Kurgan regions and others.

The most demanded and challenging trends of the present day are provision of services in power-saving and improvement of energy efficiency. The following projects are implemented in this sphere:

  • Efficient use of local power resources and energy saving
  • Engineering diagnostics of power-generating equipment including analysis of efficient use of fuel and energy resources
  • Power-generating equipment’s efficiency assessment and outlining the key activities aimed at increasing resource saving
  • Screening and application evaluation of efficient energy-saving technologies
  • Selection and supply of energy-efficient equipment, consultations on the aspects concerning power saving and energy-efficiency
  • Information and motivation support and implementation of power-saving and energy efficiency projects

Alternative energy industry

TETRA Electric, in cooperation with the St.Petersburg State Forest-Technical Academy and St.Petersburg State Polytechnical University, has created gas generator that generates electric and heat energy from solid carbon containing materials: solid domestic waste, waste wood, peat, low-grade coal, agricultural wastes, including animal waste.

The gas generator was provided the basis for creation of Mobile Plant for Heat and Electric Power Generation From Various Types Fuels (solid domestic waste, waste wood, peat, low-grade coal, agricultural wastes, including animal waste etc.), which is now being tested.

Unique features of the Mobile Pant:

  • pyrolysis resin decomposition during fuel gasification process in the reactor zone, which enables generated synthetic gas supply to the combustion engine of diesel-generating unit and its use for electric energy generation; gas can be utilized in the boiler house operating process as well
  • 85% coefficient of efficiency
  • mobile plant is completely automated and self-contained
  • efficient solution of waste management problems related to waste appearing in the operating process
  • the surplus of heat and electric energy can be supplied to outside consumers
  • mobility

Energy-saving light systems and construction of energy-efficient buildings

  • re-engineering of municipal light systems in cities
  • utilization of modern structural materials and energy-saving technologies in construction of buildings

TETRA Electric operates in accordance with existing reliability, energy and environmental security requirements.

Contact details:

TETRA Electric Group od Companies
12 А, Khimichesky lane., 198095 St.Petersburg, Russia
Tel.: +7 (812) 334-2504
E-mail: info@tetra-electric.ru

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