Which science field has the most promising future?

Computer science
Aerospace engineering
Ecology, resource saving

What is the mankind's most dangerous invention?

Atomic bomb
Fast food


Innotra’s services include:

Scientific and technical, production and technical examination

  • Elaboration of a complex system for performance evaluation of R&D carried out at the enterprises and estimation of their investment attractiveness.
  • Evaluation of project’s production and technical aspects, novelty and tradability of technologies, as well as consulting services in the field of industrial construction, logistics for materials and technological environment supplies, materials recovery in compliance with the Russian law.

Provision of production activities

  • Acquisition of industrial technologies (including those coming within export restrictions) and methodologies for their introduction abroad.
  • Turn-key construction, including “white rooms” design engineering and installation.
  • Selection, delivery, installation, actuation and maintenance of manufacturing and supporting equipment, including used equipment. Establishment of new plants and upgrading of existing ones.
  • Organization of production personnel training (training is performed at the enterprises of technology partners or via interactive distance training).

Marketing research and elaboration of development strategies for various industries

  • Domestic market analysis with emphasize maid on state and development prospects of the potential consumers market for the offered products.
  • Global market analysis and development trends. Identification of potential niches for the innovative products and appropriate ways, time and cost of the global market entry.
  • Development of business models.
  • Preparation of project documentation for potential investors, both domestic and foreign, partner and investor search. Assistance with entering into partnership or investment agreements.

Legal aspects of production activities

  • Evaluation of patentability of the offered sci-tech solutions, patenting in RF performed at national stages using the PCT system. Consultation concerning patent ownership for inventions and useful models.
  • Consultations concerning acquisition of licences for industrial technologies.
  • Ensuring novelty of manufactured goods.
  • Trade mark registration.


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