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Atomic bomb
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Innotra, CJSC

Founded in 2004, Innotra is a communication and integration company operating at consulting services market in the sphere of innovative hi-tech business.

The company assists with establishment and/or development of new businesses involved in alternative energy generation, production of new structural and functional materials, structures and materials for electronics, micro- and nanosystems.

Innotra also acts as an integrator and matchmaker in preparation and implementation of hi-tech projects in the field of nanotechnologies, composite materials, semiconducting materials, microsystem technologies, electronics and biotechnologies. The company has established partner relations with institutes, companies and experts working in the national electronics sector, Rosatom, Russian Academy of Sciences and institutions of higher education.

Innotra’s local and foreign partners include small companies ready to carry on live dialogue with the customers, take into consideration realities of the Russian business environment and understanding essential problems of formation of new business.

Innotra is constantly extending its partner network by involving the leading foreign companies and service providers in implementation of challenging domestic projects. The company has successfully interacted with partners from Great Britain, France, Germany, the USA, Taiwan and Singapore.

Innotra CEO Alexei B. Danilin is a Managing Partner at Crosspac Capital Management Inc., British Virgin Islands, which manages the venture investments of the Taurus Fund (international support fund for startup companies).

Contact details:

Innotra, CJSC
2A Karier Str., bld. 2, office 204, 117449 Moscow, Russia
Tel./Fax: + 7 (495) 228-1630
E-mail: info@innotra.ru

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