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MMK LLC is specialized in development of innovative projects involving creation of systems and complexes for automated control and diagnostics of separate units’ parameters (as well as condition of manufacturing equipment, machinery and devices as a whole) in various industries, aimed at enhancement of their operability and durability.

The company also provides research-and-technology consulting services on:

  • company innovations
  • tribodiagnostics systems design concept, using various purpose sensors, including those with analogue-to-digital and digital-to-analog output signal transformations
  • automated control and deterioration diagnostics of manufacturing equipment used in various industries
  • information and measuring systems design, automated and automatic control systems using microprocessor technology

The company’s products are:

  • VECTOR system - built-in unified tribodiagnostics control of various purpose equipment
  • CASANDRA system - stand-alone complex for automated uninterrupted diagnostics of car operations

VECTOR system provides an opportunity to receive timely information about wear failures and prevent emergency situations, specifying which parts, made from ferrous and non ferrous metals, are the most worn out at the moment. Testing is done through lubricant analysis without equipment disassembly.

Russian patents have been obtained for tribodiagnostics devices incorporated in VECTOR system. The devices have no world analogues, they′ve been successfully tested at the enterprises operating in various industries: automobile, oil and gas, aviation, shipbuilding and mining.

Development of CASANDRA system is aimed at improvement of road safety in Russia and is carried out within the frameworks of national program on road safety. The CASANDRA complex for automated diagnostics of vehicle’s technical condition is patented in Russia.

CASANDRA system comprises three autonomous systems patented in Russia:

  1. Automated control of vehicle’s engine wear (AIDA module)
  2. Rain sensor and headlights switching automat (VASSA module)
  3. Automated control of inflation pressure during vehicle movement (SASHA module)

New models of local cars can be equipped by those systems. Besides, they can be used as additional options in existing car and cargo transport.

The peculiarity of all MMK systems and complexes is their work (automatic or automated control and diagnostic parameters) during equipment operation (Internal combustion engines, airliner turbines, compressors, reduction gear, etc), with no need for equipment shutdown and disassembly.

In 2008, MMK was awarded a diploma of Federal Service for Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks for its developments within the frameworks of national program “For road safety”.

CASANDRA and VECTOR systems were awarded silver and bronze medals respectively at the 37th International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva (2009).

In April 2010, VECTOR system won silver medal at the 13th International Innovation Salon “Archimedes” in Moscow.

Contact information:

29-3 Mikhailova Street, office 14, 109428 Moscow Russia
Tel./Fax: +7 (495) 373-37-15; 313-57-58

General Director

Vladimir R. Matveevsky
E-mail: v.matveevsky@mail.ru

Technical Director
Boris R. Matveevsky

E-mail: boris_matveevsky@mail.ru

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