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Zeolite-М Ltd., Research and Technology Production Company

Zeolite-М Ltd., Research and Technology Production Company is focused on adaptation of existing and implementation of new application technologies for unconventional mineral resources in agriculture and industry.

The company processes zeolite-containing rocks to produce ecologically clean high-efficiency animal feed additives and fertilizers.

The company experts have recently studied composition and properties of zeolite-containing rocks mined within the territory of the Republic of Mordovia, together with the POISK Ltd., Research and Production Center (Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan).

In 2004, a working group was set up to develop technologies for application of products obtained as a result of processing the aboriginal zeolite-containing rocks. The group included researchers and specialists from Physics and Chemistry Institute and Agrarian Institute of N. P. Ogarev′s Mordovian State University, MordovStroyTest Ltd., Mordovia Research Institute of Agriculture, POISK Ltd.

In 2005-2009, the company performed R&D sponsored by the Government of the Republic of Mordovia. Prototype models and production prototypes of the end products made of aboriginal zeolite-containing rocks were manufactured as part of research work. The company participated in the 4th Business Angels and Innovators Fair (2006), won the nomination “Preference of the Russian Association of Direct and Venture Investment” at the 2nd Russian Forum “Russian capital for Russian innovations” (2009) and the nomination “Original Business Idea” at the 10th Russian Venture Fair (2009).

Zeolite-М obtained patents for inventions: № 2302123 in 2007, № 2336724 in 2008, № 2351576 in 2009, № 2357739 in 2009.

Contact details:

Zeolite-М Ltd., Research and Technology Production Company
General Director
Alexander D. Presnyakov
12/18 Proezd Zhukovskogo, 430005 Saransk, Republic of Mordovia, Russia
Tel.: +7 (8342) 245-966; +7 (927) 275-1188
E-mail: alpres54@yandex.ru

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