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Nanomet, Research and Production Company

Nanomet, Research and Production Company, specializes in fabrication of a wide spectrum of nanoparticles of such metals as gold, silver, zinc, nickel, cobalt, copper obtained in the form of micellar solution or water dispersion using original biochemical synthesis method. The company performs research, consults and assists in preparation of new and conventional materials modified with metals nanoparticles to be used in different spheres. The company has a biochemical synthesis laboratory, furnished with the most advanced equipment.

Currently, metal nanoparticles synthesis method developed by Nanomet is the only patented in Russia cost-effective preparation method of nanoparticle solutions able to remain stable in the air for a long period of time (over 2 years). This technology allows obtaining particles of preset size and in high concentrations, either in aqueous or micellar solution.

The company experts are currently developing the technology that would enable high precision control over the particles’ form and technologies for other metals nanoparticles.

Nanomet implements joint projects together with some research institutes and research & production associations in such spheres as medicine, sanitary safety, composite materials, construction materials, filtering units, paintwork materials, electronics and electrotechnics. Both technologies for nanoparticles application and the end products are developed within the frameworks of these activities.

Nanomet renders the following services:

  • Fabrication and sales of nanoparticles of the following meals – Au, Ag, Cu, Zn, Co, Ni – in the form of micellar or aqueous solution
  • Development of preparation and fabrication technologies for metal nanoparticles solutions by order
  • Size determination of nanoparticles in solutions of known composition through light diffusion using device “Horiba LB-550”
  • Dispersion analysis of unknown substances or mixture of substances in a known solvent through light diffusion using device “Horiba LB-550” (in combination with spectrophotometric analysis).

Contact details

Nanomet, Research and Production Company 
Director General - Svetlana Kolos
33 Dolgorukovskaya Str., building 8, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: +7 (499) 978-9573, 978-5173 (ext. 123)
Cell: +7 (963) 686-1044
E-mail: info@nanomet.ru, commerce@nanomet.ru

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