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Corporate Education Systems, CJSC

Corporate Education Systems CJSC has worked at the e-learning market since 2006. The company specializes in development of technological solutions for automation of corporate education process.

Main area of company’s activities is development and implementation of turn-key distance education systems. Corporate Education Systems CJSC has its own technological platform –patented system for personnel training and certification TrainingWare.

The company performs complete cycle of works on creation of distance education systems: education needs analysis, education model development, creation of multimedia education courses, implementation of distance education systems at enterprises, organization and support of educational process.

Corporate Education Systems CJSC is licensed:

  • for educational activities
  • by the Federal Security Service for activities implying use of data that constitutes a state secret

The services provided by Corporate Education Systems CJSC include development, implementation and technical support of competence management systems, corporate universities, distance education systems. The company also renders on-site corporate educational services and offers an opportunity to merge on-site and distance education to cut the cost of education. On-site educational services are performed at Next Training Center.

Distance education system developed by Corporate Education Systems CJSC is a complex composed of three parts:

  1. Hardware and software system is meant for automation of educational process, being a tool for knowledge and competence management. Distance education can be carried out via Internet or Intranet.
  2. Knowledge database (Education courses) – educational materials and company knowledge. Corporate Education Systems CJSC can develop the courses itself or purchase standard courses from other developers.
  3. Organizational framework of distance education system maintenance – company personnel involved in management, training, consulting and technical support of hardware and software system.

Corporate Education Systems CJSC has patents for:

  • Systems for development of e-learning resources: HyperMethod (1996), ePublisher (1999), eAuthor (2001)
  • Systems for educational process management: eLearning Server (1997), TrainingWare (2003)

Contact information:

Corporate Education Systems CJSC
35, Vorontsovskaya Street, building 2, 109147 Moscow, Russia
Tel./Fax: +7 (495) 926-6282
E-mail: kso@ksob.ru

16, Birzhevaya Line, 199034 St. Petersburg, Russia
Tel./Fax: +7 (812) 331-7246
E-mail: kso@ksob.ru

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