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Silan, JSC

Founded in 1992, Silan, JSC is the oldest company engaged in manufacturing of organosilicone products (silicones). The company is located in the centre of the European part of Russia, which is convenient for consumers from both near and far abroad.

The company has mastered manufacturing of more than 150 kinds of organosilicone products, used in practically every branch of industry. All the goods manufactured by the Silan are made of high-purity crystal silicone and chlorinated hydrocarbons.

Articles produced by Silan are mainly used in the following branches:

  • Gas and petroleum recovery (during well operation and repair) – water repellent agents, cement composition, antifoaming agents
  • Gas transportation – PMS hydraulic fluids, adhesive sealants; heat-resistant varnish and enamels; protective coating for undergrounds vessels
  • Building industry – water repellent agents of Hydrophobe Organosilicone Fluids grade; adhesive sealants; bitumen roofing materials; paintwork materials
  • Road building – protective corrosion-resistant compositions of ZAS, EKOR, EK grades; polymeric bitumen cementing and bitumen emulsions
  • Manufacturing of plastics, glass, general rubber goods – antiadherents; oils, lubricants; emulsions
  • Metallurgy – coupling substances used during production of ceramic molds in precision casting, components of parting paints
  • Motor industry, agricultural machine-building – heatproof varnish and enamels; adhesive sealants; oils and lubricants; components of thermal-protective coating; foam regulators during manufacturing of flexible and rigid polyurethane foams
  • Electrical engineering – electro-insulating heatproof coating varnish and penetrating varnish
  • Textile industry – water repellent agents; antifoaming agents, lubricating agents
  • Perfume, cosmetic industry – components for creams, lipsticks

Contact information:

Silan, JSC
14 Zaytseva Str., 399851 Dankov, Lipetsk Region, Russia
Tel.: +7 (47465) 64-252
Fax: +7 (47465) 63-745
E-mail: silan@dankov.lipetsk.ru

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