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Vildis is a fast growing innovative company that performs research and development activities aimed at creation of new equipment and organization of its mass production. The company has already worked out over 50 prototypes of appliances and systems and produced over 150,000 articles.

Distinctive features of Vildis products are their high reliability, operability and originality of sci-tech solutions. A large number of articles have no analogues, neither in Russia or abroad.

Appliances manufactured by the company are successfully used by the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Goznak”, Bank of Russia, Sberbank, other Russian commercial banks, European Central Bank, national and commercial banks of some CIS states. They are used by the Federal Security Service (FSB) of the Russian Federation and FSB Federal Frontier Service of the Russian Federation, by criminal law experts of the Ministry of the Interior of Russia (MVD) and employees of MVD Economic Crime Department, foreign law-enforcement authorities.

Products offered by Vildis:

  • self-service terminals
  • dot matrix printers
  • belt barriers
  • microscopes
  • equipment for criminal law experts
  • detectors for precious metals
  • document checking equipment

Following the latest trends of global research work on securities protection, Vildis company has developed high-quality digital document imaging technology embodied in the appliance called Xtrascan.

Xtrascan automatically takes pictures of the objects in the reflected white light, infrared and ultraviolet bands, transmitted white and infrared light. Xtrascan serves to expertize documents, banknotes, securities and check their authenticity, and can be used by experts of banking structures and law-enforcement bodies for drawing up accounts and expert reports.

Project implementation will involve development of original optical probe, with expected definition of 60 megapixels, or 20 000 dots per inch (dpi), and overview area of 100х170 mm.

Visualization of anti-Stokes luminophores
Vildis company experts have developed automated module for anti-Stokes luminophores visualization – “Anti-Stokes Fragment”. The module serves to visualize latent images of document protection properties, produced using anti-Stokes luminophores. The module was developed as a part of enhancement of hardware-software complex VC-30A and enables visualization within the area 165х130 mm.

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