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Research Institute of Physical Measurements, JSC

Research Institute of Physical Measurements, the headquarters enterprise of the Russian Federal Space Agency, specializes in development and supply of components for space-rocket equipment and land launch facilities.

Primary activities

Development, manufacturing, supply of components for rocket, space equipment and land launch facilities:

  • Physical quantity sensors (of absolute, excessive, differential, rapidly varying and acoustic pressure, deformations, forces, torsion torque, linear and angular motions and acceleration, turns, temperature and other parameters)
  • normalizing transformers
  • systems for measurement, diagnostics, control, management and emergency protection

Development, manufacturing and supply of:

  • sensor-transforming equipment and measuring systems for aircraft engineering
  • sensors of force, position, linear movement, seismic pickup, signalling device, relay sensor of level, commutators, switchers, remote indicators and other devices for nuclear stations
  • sensors and systems for railroad transport, metallurgy, oil extracting and oil refining industries, other branches of industry

Over 850 NIIFI engineering developments, which resulted in production of over 3,600 sensors and transforming equipment items, were used and are being currently used for testing, developmental testing and maintenance of launch vehicles, on-board complexes and functional units for rocket-space equipment (RSE), manufactured in the frameworks of national and international space programs: “Vostok”, “Kosmos”, “Proton”, “Soyuz-2М”, “Energiya-Buran”, “Angara”, “Soyuz–Apollon”, the International Space Station (ISS), “Mir”, “Shuttle–Mir”, “Mars”, “Vega”, “Phobos”, “Topol-М”, “Bulava”, “Morskoy Start” (Sea Launch), etc.

In the frameworks of Federal Space Program, State Armament Program and Federal target program “National Technological Base”, the Institute is being currently involved in production of self-diagnosing sensors, it is also engaged in the intellectualization of information reception and procession processes, expansion of functional equipment capabilities through utilization of new construction materials, critical technologies, micro- and nanotechnologies.

NIIFI is successfully integrated into the global airspace industry. It cooperates with Indian and Chinese space agencies and the European Space Agency, participates in procurement of measuring equipment for RD-180 rocket engines used in the first stage of Atlas rockets (USA).

Main NIIFI manufactures include:

  • microelectronics manufacture
  • mechanical processing industry
  • assembly industry

Experimental production sector is equipped with advanced stock of machining and microelectronic equipment, designed to manufacture high-end pocket-sized electromechanical and electronic devices and systems.

Contact information

Research Institute of Physical Measurements, JSC (NIIFI)
8/10, Volodarskogo str.
440026 Penza, Russia
Tel.: +7 (8412) 565-563, +7 (8412) 562-616
Fax: +7 (8412) 551-499
E-mail: info@niifi.ru, niifi@sura.ru

General Director,
Corresponding member of Russian Academy of Cosmonautics,
Ph.D. in Economics
Alexey G. Dmitrienko
Tel.: +7 (8412) 562-781

Deputy General Director, Research
Member of the Academy for Quality Problems of Russian Federation,
Ph.D. in Technical Sciences
Alexander V. Blinov
Tel.: +7 (8412) 562-715

Chief Engineer
Alexander A. Shirmanov
Tel.: +7 (8412) 562-230

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