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Sozvezdie, Concern JSC

Concern "Sozvezdie" JSC was established in 2004 in accordance with RF President Decree №993 to save and develop scientific and production potential of radio electronics enterprises, concentrate resources for creation of Single forces and weapon control tactical system for RF forces and other military units and also for development and manufacture of civil equipment.

Concern "Sozvezdie" comprises 16 enterprises, which specialize in development and production of communication systems, complexes and means for Armed forces, other military formations, departments and force agencies and also for national economy branches.

Concern′s integrated structure includes the following radio electronics enterprises:

  1. Concern "Sozvezdie" JSC (former Voronezh Research and Development Communication Institute (VRDCI) – parent company
  2. Almaz JSC
  3. Voronezh Research Institute “Vega” JSC
  4. Voronezh Central Design Office “Polus” JSC
  5. Plant “Louch” JSC
  6. Plant “Yantar” JSC
  7. Design Office of Development Works JSC
  8. Krasnodar Instrument Plant “”Kaskad” JSC
  9. Design Office “Selena” JSC
  10. Research and Production Enterprise “Volna” JSC
  11. Research and Production Enterprise “Start” JSC
  12. Ryazan Radio Plant JSC
  13. Slavgorod Radio Equipment Plant JSC
  14. Tambov Plant “Oktyabr” JSC
  15. Tambov Plant “Revtrud” JSC
  16. Tambov Research Institute for Radio Engineering “Efir” JSC

Main areas of Concern′s activities:

  • Fundamental research on the theory of telecommunications, signal detection, processing and extraction, building of complicated communication systems and their algorithms
  • Development of means and complexes for automatization, telecommunication, navigation and recognition
  • Development, design, production and testing of various purpose and diapason communication systems
  • Development and production of radio and telephone systems and general purpose communication means
  • Development and production of consumer radio products
  • Development of automated design systems

Concern′s products:

Military purpose products:

  • Automated tactical communication and control systems
  • Telecode and voice communication systems for air defense
  • Automated jamming stations and means

Double purpose products:

  • Small-sized portable and vehicular jamming devices for protection from radio-controlled explosive devices
  • Special communication systems and means
  • Professional communication systems and means

Civil purpose products:

  • Energy-efficient complexes
  • Wireless self-organizing MESH-network
  • “Vektor-М” fixed wireless wideband access system
  • “Tracker” mobile objects parameters and remote position monitoring system
  • 4G communication networks complex solution on mobile WIMAX base

Concern “Sozvezdie” patents:

  1. Time division methods in network radio channels. RF patent № 2350024
  2. Mobile objects location definition method and device for its realization. RF patent № 2202102
  3. Radio signals direction finding method. RF patent №2262119
  4. Adaptive data transmission method and device in frequency hopping radio lines. RF patents № 2356167 and № 2356171

Contact information:

Concern ““Sozvezdie” JSC
14 Plekhanovskaya Street, 394018 Voronezh, Russia
Tel.: +7 (4732) 521-259, 521-004
Fax: +7 (4732) 355-088
E-mail: office@sozvezdie.su

General Director

Azret Yu. Bekkiev
Tel.: +7 (4732) 521-259
Fax: (4732) 355-088
E-mail: uvs@sozvezdie.su

Concern “Sozvezdie” Representative Office – Research and Production Association “Sozvezdie”
Director – Vadim A. Potapov
26 Varshavskoe highway, 117105 Moscow, Russia
Tel.: +7 (495) 600-3531
Tel./Fax: (495) 600-3534
E-mail: office@nposozvezdie.ru 

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