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Applied Electronics, Ltd.

Applied Electronics, Ltd. was founded by the members of Institute of High Current Electronics of Siberian branch of Russian Academy of Sciences (IHCE SB RAS) in 2004 in order to commercialize Institute′s developments in the field of vacuum ion-plasma coating.

The main activity of Applied Electronics, Ltd. is development and manufacturing of modern electric power sources for vacuum ion-plasma technologies:

  • power source for magnetron sputtering system
  • power source for ion beam (ion source) generator
  • power source for substrate biasing
  • high-frequency and high-voltage switched power supply

Moreover, the company deals with development of appliances implementing vacuum ion-plasma surface modification technologies:

  • various types of magnetron sputtering systems
  • distributed ion source with closed electron drift (sources of “Radical” type)
  • packaged automated vacuum units for thin-film coating with various functional purposes
  • automated control system for vacuum units

Applied Electronics, Ltd. is constantly expanding its range of manufactured standardized electric power sources enabling implementation of most of surface modification technologies.

Electric power sources manufactured by the company experts are designed on the basis of advanced hardware components and correspond to all the latest tendencies in development of thin-film coating technologies and technologies for ion-plasma surface treatment of materials and articles.

Contact information

Applied Electronics, Ltd
8/8 Akademicheskiy Pr., 634055 Tomsk, Russia 

Nikolay S. Sochugov
Tel.: +7 (3822) 597-451, 491-651
Fax: +7 (3822) 491-651
E-mail: sochugov@lae.hcei.tsc.ru

Sales and Marketing Department
Viktor M. Kolodin
Tel.: +7 (3822) 701-489
E-mail: vikkoll@yandex.ru

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