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Which science field has the most promising future?

Computer science
Aerospace engineering
Ecology, resource saving

What is the mankind's most dangerous invention?

Atomic bomb
Fast food

Why invest in Russia?

Favorable Geographic Position. Russia links Europe with Asia and also borders the North American continent. It offers worldwide sea and air transportation as well as the developed networks of rail and road transit routes. Russia’s geography facilitates building effective international and domestic supply-production-market chains.

Vast Natural Resources. Russia takes 1st place in the world in per capita resources. It is well placed amongst the richest countries in terms of natural gas, oil, coal, minerals, metals and energy. With its forest resources being the largest in the world, Russia also has tremendous reserves of drinking and fresh water.

Fast Growing and Technologically Advanced Economy. Russia’s economy is one of the most dynamically developing and attractive in the world. Strong Russian scientific knowledge provides excellent opportunities for research and development partnerships with Russian research institutes and universities. Critical technological areas eligible for government co-financing on a competitive basis are Aerospace, Aviation, Shipbuilding, Automotive, Machinery, Metallurgy, Construction, Chemistry and pharmaceuticals, Nuclear physics and many more.

Large Consumer Market. With a population of over 140 million people and constantly increasing income per capita, Russia provides a large and booming internal market offering attractive growth potential. Strong internal demand for all kinds of goods and services and insufficient supply from local sources create a gap that is largely covered by imports.

Strong Government Support. Investment in the Russian economy is strongly supported by federal and regional authorities. Such federal initiatives as the Investment Fund, Foreign Investment Advisory Council and Special Economic Zones as well as public-private partnership opportunities and large investment and development programs serve to accelerate the investment inflow and to further enhance the Russian investment climate.

Attractive Taxation System. The Russian Tax system is becoming increasingly oriented toward the investor. Comprehensible tax rates and the policy of resolving contradictions and ambiguities in tax legislation in favor of the taxpayer testify in favor of this fact.

Highly Skilled and Well-Educated Human Capital. Russia has one of the most highly skilled workforces in the world. Excellent educational background, extensive R&D and engineering practice allows Russian professionals to take up leading positions in high technology areas.

Stable Social and Political System. Russia is a member of G8, the United Nations, APEC, SCO, and the CIS. It has built a politically stable system with respectful and fair foreign relations policy. The Russian government aims to steadily improve the citizen’s quality of life.

The synergy of all above factors makes Russia one of the most attractive countries to invest in.

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