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Computer science
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Atomic bomb
Fast food

START-Park creation

START-Parks can be either university-based (Penza, Cherepovets) or interuniversity (Vologda).

It takes 1-1.5 years from the beginning of negotiations on the project to the START-Park opening and launch of the first startup company, depending on the level of economic development of the particular region and special conditions that exist there. Rated capacity is 5 to 10 (or even more) innovation companies in 2 years after the first startup is launched.

Political and organizational support from the authorities is essential for the effective and successful implementation of the START-Park project in the region. For instance, Penza innovation infrastructure is being created by the regional government in close coordination with the START-Park project. If nothing changes, by 2016, Penza Region is expected to become one of the national leaders in innovation, outrunning by a number of criteria such innovation heavyweights as Kazan, Tomsk, Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Basic stages

  1. Application submission

Application is submitted using the template either by the administration of the region (city), or by the leadership of the university. If the number of applications received exceeds the number of applications planned for 2012, a tender is held.

       2.   Agreement conclusion

In case of a favorable decision, an analysis of the innovation infrastructure of the region (university) is performed within 1-2 month, defining the major objectives and milestones of the project implementation. The general concept of the project is presented in the region, whereupon an agreement is signed by the parties.

      3.   Project implementation

The project on START-Park launch is carried out in accordance with the agreement. Agreement period - 2 to 5 years.

Special conditions

Application submission starts February 1, 2012.

Application form and terms and conditions of the tender for START-Park creation in the region (university) will be announced January 16, 2012.

The process of START-Park creation in its entirety includes meeting the following main objectives:

  • Working out the regional concept of innovation development
  • Development and implementation of proposals to improve efficiency of the existing elements of the innovation infrastructure in the region (university)
  • Creation and maintenance of the startup factory, with an estimated capacity of 4-5 and more businesses per year
  • Development and implementation of the model of an entrepreneurial university

Specific set of tasks is determined by agreement with the regions (universities).

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