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Perm Krai

Geographical location. Perm Krai is located on the eastern edge of the Russian Plain and the western slope of the Middle and Northern Urals, at the junction of two continents - Europe and Asia. It borders in the south with the Republic of Bashkortostan, in the south-west and west - with the Republic of Udmurtiya, in the west – with Kirov Region, in the north - with the Komi Republic, in the east - with Sverdlovsk Region.

Federal district: Volga

Administrative center: Perm (1.01 mln people), distance to Moscow – 1,434 km

Major cities: Perm, Berezniki, Solikamsk, Tchaikovsky, Lysva, Kungur, Krasnokamsk, Chusovoy.

Population (2013 estimate): 2.6 million people

Population density: 16.44 people per sq km

Gross regional product (2010 estimate): RUR 630.8 bln (USD 21.03 bln)

Per capita gross regional product (2010 estimate): RUR 224.5 thous (USD 7,483)

Natural and mineral resources. Perm Krai possesses various natural resources and a high industrial potential. The energy resources of the region’s main river Kama with its tributaries Chusovaya, Kosva, Vishera are combined with coal of the Kizel basin, oil and gas.

The region has 205 oil and gas fields, including 89 oilfields, 3 gasfields and 18 gas and oil fields which are being developed. The most developed fields are Polaznenskoe, Krasnokamskoe, Kuyedinskoe, Osinskoe and Chernushenskoe.

Besides, there are 8 diamond placer fields, 17 gold ore fields and placers, semi-precious stones (selenite), gold, platinum, chrome ore, metallurgical and cement raw materials, carbonate raw materials in the region.

In the north of the region there are the largest in Europe potash deposits and the main chromite field Saranovskoe, which is the only chromite field run in Russia.

The forest resources of the region are considerable: more than 70 % of the territory is covered by forests, more than 65 % of them of the most valuable conifers. It makes the region one of the leaders in timber processing and logging in Russia and Europe.

As for the number of natural and artificial water reservoirs, its water resources and water power resources the region holds the first place in the Urals.

Water resources completely meet the requirements of economy and population of the region in sweet water. The share of the Kama and Votkinsk hydroelectric power stations, situated on the river Kama, accounts for about 25 % of the installed capacity of all power plants in the region.

Primary economic activities. The region’s share in the national economic indicators according to the data of 2008 is as follows: in gross regional product (GRP) - 1.8%, in the industrial production volume - 3%, in the agricultural production volume - 1%, in the retail sales volume - 2%, in the fixed investment volume - 1.8%.

Among the regions of Russia, Perm Krai holds the 9th place in investment potential and the 49th in investment risk. The financial risk is the lowest one, the legislative risk is the highest one. The highest potential is that of the natural resources.

The chief branches of industry of Perm Krai are engineering, chemical, petrochemical, oil-refining, timber, woodworking, pulp and paper, printing industries, and ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy. The region manufacturers perform extraction of potassium and sodium chloride, coal, and oil.

The Kama hydroelectric station and Votkinsk hydroelectric station are operating in the region, the Perm state district power station is under construction now.

The share of the region in the Russia’s production volume is as follows: the region’s share in potash fertilizer and turbodrill production is 100 %, 71.4% - in mine electric locomotive production, 42% - in production of fertilizers, 28.6% - in production of gas stoves, 10.6% - in synthetic ammonia production, 5.2% - in primary oil refining.

Perm Krai is a major center of defense, aerospace and gas turbine engine engineering industries in Russia.

Availability of specialized research centers and highly qualified staff place the mechanical engineering industry to a leading position in the production of aircraft and rocket engines, fuel systems, gas compressor units and gas turbine power plants, oil field equipment, digital equipment and fiber-optic communication systems, navigation equipment.

Agriculture. The region features a high potential for agricultural development to ensure food security in its territory as well as in other regions of Russia.

Agricultural land of all categories, according to the Russian Agricultural Census dated July 1, 2006 amounts to 1.7 million ha, or 11% of all the land of the region, the arable land - 1.3 million ha, or 8%.

The agricultural complex comprises a developing forage production for dairy and beef animal husbandry, cultivation of cereal crops, potatoes and vegetables; a developed poultry farming, bee keeping, and a suburban household around industrial centers.

Development of an agro-industrial business is one of the priority areas of Perm Krai’s economy. Implementation of investment projects in agrobusiness allows investors take promising niches in swine breeding, poultry farming, potato growing, vegetable growing, dairy and beef animal husbandry, logistics, and small-scale agribusiness.

Foreign trade turnover. Having an effective structure of the economy and relatively high rates of economic growth, Perm Krai is an active participant in the world trade. Foreign economic relations are carried out with 116 countries of the world.

The regional economy is in large measure export oriented, which accounts for a quarter of the gross regional product. The enterprises of the region export mainly petrochemical products and fuel and energy products, ferrous and nonferrous metals, and metal products. A significant part of export is that of fertilizers and newsprint. 10 countries are the major players in the export markets: Brazil, Belgium, Germany, India, China, Poland, the USA, Finland, Kazakhstan, the Ukraine.

Transport infrastructure. The advantageous geographical location determines the full-fledged structure of the transport system of Perm Krai. Being located in the central part of Russia, the region is a part of the important transport corridor Europe - Asia.

Perm Krai is intersected by transcontinental railway, highway and air routes; it’s also the site of four the most eastern ports of the unified system of the European part of Russia, which provides an access to the northern and southern Europe.

The territory of the region is crossed by two transcontinental railway main lines: the Trans-Siberian trunk railway (Moscow - Vladivostok) and Moscow - Omsk, as well as by the roads providing an additional access to Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk regions.

The project “Belkomur” is planned to be implemented to provide an access from Perm Krai to Arkhangelsk Region through the Komi Republic.

The Kama river connects the region with five seas - the Caspian, the Azov, the Black, the Baltic and the White seas. Four river ports – in Perm, Levshino, Tchaikovsky, Berezniki - work in the region.

The region is also crossed by the main federal highway, connecting the Republic of Belarus and Yekaterinburg. The highways leading to Izhevsk, Khanty-Mansiysk, Surgut, Tomsk, Saint Petersburg, Vologda, Syktyvkar run through the region territory.

The largest object of the transport infrastructure over the past few years is the highway stream crossing over the Kama river (Krasavinskiy Bridge). The highway network allows connect Perm with all the centers of the administrative-territorial units as well as with many townships of the region.

The Perm airport “Big Savino”, which has an international status, being reconstructed, is able to receive all types of aircrafts.

The total length of 15 gas pipelines located in the region is 10.3 thousand kilometers.

Tourism. The geographical position of the region, its flora and fauna make important resources to admire and to be pride of.

Perm Krai is a territory of a developed industry and business, art and culture, a glorious history and rich natural resources. The region possesses a great number of architectural monuments and just beautiful places.

Not far from Perm, there is an architectural and ethnographic museum “Khokhlovka”, the only one in the Urals, possessing a collection of wooden buildings of the XVII-XIX centuries.

The Kungur Ice Cave is situated in the south-eastern part of the region, in the town of Kungur; it’s a unique natural monument of all-Russian significance. It’s the only one cave in Russia equipped for excursions.

The Perm Art Gallery, one of the richest depositories of Russian icon painting masterpieces, keeps the world-famous collection of Perm wooden sculpture. The unique museum of salt is opened in Solikamsk

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