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Udmurtiya Republic

Udmurtiya RepublicGeographical location: Udmurtiya Republic lies in the east of Russian Plain, in European Priuralye. Area – 42,100 sq km

Federal district: Volga

Administrative centre: Izhevsk, distance to Moscow – 1,129 km

Major cities: Sarapul, Glazov, Votkinsk, Mozhga

Population: 1,526,514 people

Population density: 36.3 people per sq km

Gross regional product (2009 estimate): RUR 227.5 bln (USD 7.6 bln)

Per capita gross regional product (2009 estimate): RUR 149,033 (USD 4,968)

Primary economic activities: The unique industrial complex of Udmurtiya Republic produces a wide range of products - from consumer goods to small arms and space equipment.

Major industries of Udmurtiya Republic include:

  • Machine building and metalworking produce 25% of the total industrial output. Machine-building companies produce a broad assortment of products for the industries traditional for Udmurtiya Republic, which are armoury, machine-tool making, tool making, energy, car making, oil, railway, communication and space industries.
  • Ferrous metallurgy. IzhStal JSC is the key enterprise of the industry producing 4th conversion stage ware, forgings, presswork, bright-polished carbon tool steel, strips, steel shaped sections, range of demanded steel grades. The enterprise meets needs of all the republican industries in various products of ferrous metallurgy.
  • Oil industry plays one of the leading roles in the regional economy. 2 major oil companies deal with oil extraction in the region: Udmurtneft JSC  and Belkamneft JSC extract 98,2% of the regional oil output.
  • Lumber industry is of great social importance. Inhabitants of lumber camps are employed at the enterprises producing chipboards, plywood, houses made of round logs, laminated film, birch charcoal.
  • Other industries which are of great significance to the regional economy include pulp-and-paper, light, glass-making, medical industry, printing and publishing, construction materials industry.

Agriculture. Farmlands occupy up to 50% of the territory of Udmurtiya Republic. Cattle breeding is the leading branch of farming. Grains and vegetables are cultivated in the region. Udmurtiya is one of the leading flax-fibre producers in Russia.

Natural and mineral resources. Timber and oil are the main natural resources. 46% of the territory is covered with forests, half of which are softwood forests. 114 oil deposits have been discovered in the republic, its commercial reserves amounting to 300 mln tons.

Peat, brown and black coal, lime, dolomites, mortar sand and break stone, brick clay, building stone, sand-gravel aggregates are quarried in the republic.

Udmurtiya Republic is known as The Land of Springs which is due to its vast underground water resources. The total length of rivers is 30,000 km, major rivers being Kama and Vyatka. Several brine springs and therapeutic mud wells have been discovered in Udmurtiya Republic.

Fuel and energy. Energy industry includes a network of large enterprises - heat power plants, fuel generation companies, companies dealing with electric energy marketing. Regional Heat power plants operate on imported coal, oil and gas, partly – on local peat. Fuel sector includes enterprises extracting oil and gas.

Foreign trade turnover. In 2009 foreign trade turnover of Udmurtiya Republic made USD 373.2 mln. Export amounted to USD 182.8 mln, import – USD 190.4 mln. Almost three fourth of import deliveries belong to machine-building products. Weapons and armament prevail among the exported goods making 30%. 82 countries entered in trade relations with Udmurtiya Republic in 2009. The main trade partners were Italy, China, Kazakhstan, Czech Republic, the USA, Germany, South Korea, Hungary, the Ukraine, Belgium and Switzerland.

Transport. Transport complex of Udmurtiya includes motor transport, railway transport, air and inland water transport, city electric transport.

  • Motor transport is the basis of republican transportation system. Several federal highways run across the republic.
  • Most part of the interregional passenger and cargo transportation is carried out by the railway.
  • Inland water transport in represented by River Port Sarapul JSC and Kambarka Port.
  • The only republican airport is situated in Izhevsk.

Tourism. A large number of health resorts operate in the Republic. The early 2000s saw creation of new centres for active rest — centres for ski mountaineering Chekeril and Nechkino. Sports tourism has become widely popular. The following kinds of tourism are fast developing: hiking, ski tourism, water and mountain tourism, spelean tourism.

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