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Penza Region

Geographical position. Penza Region is situated in the center of the European part of Russia, in the Middle Povolzhye. Its area is 43,300 sq. km

Federal district: Privolzhye

Administrative center: Penza, distance to Moscow – 618 km

Major cities: Kuznetsk, Zarechny, Kamenka, Serdobsk, Nikolsk

Population (2010 estimate): 1,386,200 people

Population density: 32 people per sq km

Gross regional product (2010 estimate): RUR 161.9 bln

Per capita gross regional product (2007 estimate): RUR 116,794

Primary economic activities. Penza Region is an industrial and agricultural region. Industry plays the leading role, influencing the socio-economic development of the region in general. Industrial complex includes more than 1,500 enterprises and companies, whicht produce up to a quarter of gross regional product and employ about 100,000 people. Its share in tax revenues of the region makes about 45%.

The following industries are represented in the region: electric power industry, fuel industry, ferrous metallurgy, chemical and petrochemical industries, machinery and metalworking, wood industry, woodworking, pulp and paper industry, construction materials industry, glassmaking and porcelain and pottery industry, light and food industries, flour, cereal and feed milling industries.

Machinery industry comprises over 30 large and medium enterprises. The key machinery products are heavy chemical machinery and industrial locking accessories, metal cutting and wood working machines, diesels and diesel generators, air and gas compressors, spinning machines, automobile trailers, petrol tankers and special purpose automobiles, agricultural and farm equipment, etc.

Military-industrial complex includes 12 enterprises, which develop and manufacture military equipment, nuclear power industry articles, radio electronics goods, communication facilities and computers, automated control systems.

Significant volume of the regional industrial sector output belongs to the goods of cultural and general purpose, such as bicycles, lamps, glassware, watches and other products.

Agriculture. The agro-industrial complex makes about one fifth of gross regional product. Penza Region is a large food producer, able to supply the domestic needs of the population almost to the full extent. Grain production is the key agricultural activity. Dairy and beef cattle breeding are well developed. 

Natural and mineral resources. Natural environment of the region is rather diverse. Flatland provides favorable conditions for economic activities. Fertile black soils (chernozem) occupy 68% of the land area. More than 200 rivers flow across the region, the largest of them being Sura, Moksha, Khoper, Vorona.

Natural resources of Penza Region include:

  • Non-metallic mineral resources – mortar sand, brick and tile clays, expanded clay, refractory clay, raw materials for construction chipping production, raw materials for cement and lime production, mineral pigments for mineral paints production, diatomites, moulding and glass-making sand, phosphorites, glauconitic sands and zeolite-containing rock.
  • Fuel and energy resources – oil and peat.
  • Metallic mineral resources – titano-zirconia placers.
  • Fresh and mineral underground water. 

Fuel and energy. The main heat and electric power supplier is the Territorial generating company №6 JSC. Its three heat and power stations and one boilerhouse are functioning in Penza Region. General rated electric capacity is 405 MW, heat capacity is 2 135,5 Gcal/h.

Foreign trade turnover. In 2009 the foreign trade turnover of the region made more than USD 213,7 mln; export volume – over USD 132,3 mln, import volume – about USD 81,4 mln. In 2009 the Region was engaged in cooperation with 69 foreign trade partners, including Germany, India, China, Italy and the Netherlands. International investment projects are being currently implemented in the following industries: lumber industry, pulp and paper industry, radio electronics, instrument engineering, machinery, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, agriculture.

Transport. Motor roads, railroads, water transport, domestic airport.

Tourism. Penza Region has a rich historical heritage. Old architecture is represented by the memorial estates of Russian prominent noble families – the Golitsins, Sheremetyevs, Kurakins, Dolgorukovs, Lopukhins and other. There is also a mansion museum of Vissarion Belinsky, a well-known Russian literary critic, as well as “Tarkhany” state reserve museum, where a famous Russian poet Mikhail Lermontov spent his early years.

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