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Ryazan Region

Ryazan RegionGeographical location. Ryazan Region is situated in the center of the European part of Russia. Area - 39,605 sq km.

Federal district: Central

Administrative center: Ryazan, distance to Moscow – 164 km

Major cities: Kasimov, Skopin, Sasovo, Ryazhsk

Population: 1,151,439 people

Population density: 29.2 people per sq km

Gross regional product (2008 estimate): RUR 149.7 bln (USD 4.99 bln)

Per capita gross regional product (2008 estimate): RUR 128,900 (USD 4,300)

Primary economic activities: Ryazan Region is an industrial region with diversified economy:

  • Machine building and metalworking are the two leading industries. Machine components, radio-electronics, metal-cutting machines, press-forging plants, agricultural machines are manufactured in the region.
  • Petroleum refining is one of the key industries. The leading regional petroleum refining enterprise is Ryazan Oil Refinery (with efficient processing capacity of 15 mln tons a year) manufacturing high quality motor petrol and straight-run gasoline, diesel fuel, aviation kerosene, heavy fuel oil, road bitumen and building bitumen, lubricants. 
  • Construction materials industry, leather manufacturing and processing, non-ferrous and metal powder metallurgy, chemical fiber manufacturing are developed as well.

Ryazan Region specializes in knowledge-intensive industries, bearing high added value. A rich scientific and industrial base has been formed in the region on the basis of military-industrial enterprises which have the facilities required for successful development and mastering of new hi-tech products.

Agriculture. Cattle milk and meat production is the chief branch of farming. Farmers raise stock, pigs, poultry, sheep. Two horse-breeding farms are engaged in pedigree horse-breeding.

Natural and mineral resources. Water resources are represented with Oka river with its tributaries and Voronezh river. A lot of lakes are situated in Meshchyorskaya lowland. Forests occupy about one third of the territory of the region. Total area of forest resources – 1,053 mln. ha, including coniferous forests – 590,000 ha. Over 1 mln cub.m. of oak trees grow along the banks of Oka, Moksha and Tsna rivers. The internationally significant Oksky Biosphere Reserve and National State Natural Park have been founded in the region.

Ryazan Region is rich in mineral resources: limestones, malmstones, refractory and high-melting clays, sands. Cement limestones, glass and quartz sands are of high value. Deposits of phosphorites, gypsum-bearing rocks, brown iron ore, coal, mineral paints can also be found in the region.

High-quality peat is the most important natural resource of Ryazan Region - over 1,000 deposits have been found, the total reserves - 222 mln tons.

Fuel and energy complex. Four electric power generating stations with total electric capacity 3,470 mW operate in the region.

Foreign trade turnover. In 2009 foreign trade turnover of Ryazan Region exceeded USD 2 bln. 86% of the total production scope fell on export, 14% - on import. The key export products of Ryazan Region are those of fuel-and-energy complex, machine building, instrument making and machine tool building, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, leather-making industry. Imported goods are mainly industrial machinery, chemical industry products, plant-protecting agents, rawhide. Trading partners of Ryazan Region are over 80 countries, including the Netherlands, the USA, Estonia, Latvia, Singapore, Spain.

Transport infrastructure. All kinds of transport are represented in Ryazan Region:

  • Railroad transport. Total length of railroads – 1,514 km. Two major railway spurs – Trans Siberian Railway and 2 spurs leading to Caucasus railroads run across the region.
  • Motor transport secures 68.5% of the total volume of passenger transportation and 27.4% of total scope of freight transportation. There are two federal motorways running across the territory of Ryazan Region. 
  • Ryazan and Kasimov have well-equipped river ports. Rivers Oka, Moksha and Tsna are navigable. Being the main waterway of the region, Oka River connects Ryazan Region to Moscow, Vladimir, Nizhny Novgorod regions and flows further to Volga basin. Total length of inland waterways – 729 km. 
  • Ryazan training airdrome “Turlatovo” can accommodate planes of any class. 
  • Pipeline transportation. A considerable portion of the cargo turnover is taken up by pipeline transport. Four main pipelines supply gas to power stations, boiler plants and houses, perform transit oil pumping. Oil-products pipeline transports oil refinery products to the neighbouring regions and supplies fuel to the largest Moscow airports.

Tourism. Ryazan Region has one of the most favourable conditions for tourism development. The following kinds of tourism are developed in the region: recreation in the natural environment, cultural and cognitive tourism, health resort treatment, active and ecological tourism, pilgrimage.

Ecotourism is one of the most promising directions of regional tourism. The region possesses 103.5 ha of specially protected natural areas, including Oksky State Biosphere Reserve, National Natural Park “Meshchyorsky”, 47 wildlife reserves, 57 natural monuments.

Recreation centers provide excellent opportunities for active tourism: horse riding, cycling, walking, hunting, fishing, diving, free-diving. Water tourism down the small rivers and lakes of Meshchyora enjoys popularity.

Ryazan Region has unique monuments of church architecture, manor complexes, service buildings, merchant mansions. About 1,200 architectural monuments and over 2,200 archeological monuments are found in the region. The most famous tourist attractions are Ryazan Kremlin, Reserve Museum of Sergey Yesenin, Oksky Biosphere Reserve and St.John Evangelist monastery.

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