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Tambov Region

Tambov RegionGeographical location. Tambov Region is situated in the centre of the European part of Russia. Its area is 34,300 sq. km.

Federal district: Central

Administrative centre – Tambov, distance to Moscow – 482 km

Major cities: Michurinsk, Rasskazovo, Morshansk, Kotovsk, Uvarovo

Population: 1,088,437 people

Population density: 31.7 people per sq. km.

Gross regional product (2008 estimate): RUR 123.2 bln (USD 4.1 bln)

Per capita gross regional product (2008 estimate): RUR 113,200 (USD 3,773)

Primary economic activities: Industry, which contributes over 21% of GRP, is the basis of the regional economy.

  • Machine building and metalworking contribute 25% of the industrial gross regional product. Tambov Region′s enterprises produce chemical equipment, components and spare parts for cars and tractors, textile equipment, appliances, household refrigerators, compression-type machines, repair locomotives, rail refrigerator-cars and automobiles.
  • Chemical industry applies imported raw materials and semi-finished products: dyes, general rubber goods and rubber-asbestos articles, lacquer, enamel, plastics and plastic articles, phosphorous fertilizers, sulphuric acid. 
  • Light industry is mainly focused on production of woollen and worsted cloth. It also includes knitwear, fur and leather making manufacturers, garment and footwear factories.
  • Food industry operates on local raw materials. 6 sugar mills, meat factories, flour and cereal mills, dairy plants, canning factories and other enterprises operate in the region. 
  • Building materials industry. Building material manufacturers produce bricks, prefab reinforced concrete and other products.

Agriculture. Being one of the leading sectors of the region’s economy, agriculture contributes 17% of GRP. Region’s fertile black soils (chernozem) and flat lands create favorable conditions for plant growing - grain, sugar beet, sunflower, vegetable and fruit productions are highly developed. Cattle is bred mainly for milk and meat.

Natural resources. Environmental assets of the region are humus-rich chernozem lands. Land resources of the region make over 3.4 mln ha. Cultivated lands prevail (78.9%), with 87 % of them being black soil lands. Water resources are represented by 1,400 rivers, 300 lakes, 900 ponds and reservoirs. Major rivers are Tsna, Vorona, Voronezh. Explored deposits: titanium-zirconium sands, phosphorites, mineral paints, molding sand, peat, sapropels, building materials, ground water.

Fuel and energy complex: Tambov Region relies heavily on imported fuel. Generating facilities produce about 35-40% of the region’s electric power. Major producer of heat and electric power is affiliate of TGK-4 – Eastern regional generation, JSC. The nearest future will see utilization of natural gas for power-and-heat generation.

Foreign trade turnover. In 2009 foreign trade turnover of the region made USD 163.41 mln: export – USD 45.3 mln, import – USD 118.1 mln. Crude sugar from Cuba and Brazil prevails in the structure of import (32.7% of the total volume of regional foreign trade turnover). Products of petrochemical complex are mainly exported (37% of export volume). In 2009 Tambov Region entered into trade relations with 53 countries including the Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Denmark, India, Germany, Iran, New Zealand, Lebanon, Jordan.

Transport infrastructure of Tambov Region:

  • Railway transport – total mileage of railways makes 736.7 km. The main trunk line connects central part of Russia with its southern regions running through the western part of the region.
  • Automobile transport – total mileage of highways make 6,121.5 km. 
  • River transport – navigable parts of Tsna – Vorona rivers make 198 km. 
  • Air transport – local air service is provided by the local airline and the airport in Donskoye settlement, which is not far from Tambov. 
  • Pipelines – oil product pipelines “Samara – Sumy” and “Samara – Uzhgorod”, and the largest oil pipeline “Druzhba” run across the central part of the region.

Tourism. Tambov Region is unique in its nature, history and culture. The region’s nature is diverse and fascinating – it is here that the northern forests - the so called European taiga - meet the steppe. Tambov suburbs offer a unique combination of taiga and steppe fauna and flora.

A lot of famous Russian people - writers, painters, musicians, artists and cultural figures – have lived and worked in Tambov Region, among them being poet Gavrila Derzhavin, composers Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Sergey Rakhmaninov, inventor of incandescent lamp Alexander Lodygin, a well known Indianist Ivan Minayev, historic and regional ethnographer Boris Chicherin, self-taught plant breeder Ivan Michurin.

Pilgrim tourism is fast developing, since there are many orthodox relics on the territory of the region.

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