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Voronezh Region

Voronezh RegionGeographical location: Voronezh Region is situated in the south of Central Russia. It borders: in the south – on the Ukraine and Rostov Region, in the west – on Belgorod Region, in the north-west – on Kursk Region, in the north – on Lipetsk Region and Tambov Region, in the north-east – on Volgograd Region. Area: 52,200 sq km.

Federal district: Central

Administrative center: Voronezh, distance to Moscow – 439 km

Major cities: Borisoglebsk, Rossosh, Lisky, Novovoronezh, Ostrogozhsk

Population (January 1, 2010 estimate): 2,261,180 people

Population density: 43.3 people per sq km

Gross regional product (2008 estimate): RUR 89.8 bln

Per capita gross regional product : RUR 39,300

Primary economic activities: Voronezh Region is an industrial and agrarian region, that specializes in food industry (27%). The second place is held by machine building and metalworking (23%), the third — by electric power industry (18%).

Industrial structure includes:

  • Machine building. Voronezh enterprises manufacure IL-96 and AN-148 airliners, aircraft components for Airbus company and space rocket engines
  • Electric power industry
  • Chemical industry. Much potential lies in production of synthetic rubber and tyres, refractory products and mineral fertilizers
  • Processing of agricultural raw materials. Voronezh Region is one of the leading producers of granulated sugar, oil and fat products and meat

Agriculture is highly developed. Voronezh Region is a large supplier of wheat, sugar beet, sunflower, potatoes, and vegetables. Cattle are bred mainly for milk and meat.

Natural resources. The regional land resources are represented by 4.1 mln ha of cultivated land, including 3 mln ha of fertile black soil land.

The mineral and raw materials base include mining chemical feedstock: refractory clay, mortar and glass sand, chalk, chalky clay, limestone, clays for brick production, granites. There are also some mineral springs. The region possesses a promising, third in its capacity in Russia copper-and-nickel ores province.

Forest resources lie within 10% of the region′s area, and are represented mainly by wood of oak, pine-trees, birch, alder.
Recreation resources of the region are diverse and give prospects for organization of tourism and recreation. Voronezhsky and Novochopyorsky biosphere reserves are situated in the region.

Fuel and energy industry. Electric-power transmission is performed by the MRSK Centra JSC. In Novovoronezh there is a nuclear power station.

Foreign trade turnover. In 2009 the regional foreign trade turnover made USD 1,196 mln with the positive debit balance of foreign trade as USD 15.4 mln. Export made USD 605.7 mln, import – USD 590.3 mln. In commodity pattern of export supply predominance is given to the products of chemical industry (mineral fertilizers, ammonia, Indian rubber, car tyres), machinery products and those of metalworking, food stuff and agricultural raw materials. The key trade partners are 10 CIS countries and 78 other states. The largest volume of sales into far abroad countries falls within the USA, Turkey, Thailand, Germany, China, Brazil, Switzerland and Nigeria.

Transport. Railroads, water and air traffic, motor transport are presented in the region. South-Eastern railroad, one of the main Russian traffic arteries goes across the region. The motor road Moscow – Voronezh – Rostov links the region with other subjects of the Russian Federation situated in Northern Caucasus, Transcaucasia countries, Turkey and the countries of Middle East. The key water routes are rivers Don and Khopyor, providing navigation between the Azov, the Black and the Caspian seas. 2 river ports (Lisky and Voronezh) function in the region. An international airport «Voronezh» is situated here as well.

Tourism. Tourist potential hasn’t been realized to the full extent. The region has got a lot of summer and winter tourist camps, sanatoriums, wildlife and natural reserves. Pine woods in the Voronezh river valley is very popular among the population. Historic and cultural monument Divnogorye is also well known – a unique orthodox church, carved by Russian monks deep inside the huge chalky mount at the bank of Tikhaya Sosna river. 

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