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Komi Republic

Komi RepublicGeographical location: Komi Republic is situated to the west of the Ural Mountains, in the far north-east of the European part of Russia.

Area: 415,900 sq km

Federal district: Northwestern

Administrative center: Syktyvkar, distance to Moscow – 1,298 km

Major cities: Ukhta, Vorkuta, Pechory, Usinsk, Inta

Population (January 2011 estimate): 899,700 people

Population density: 2.3 people per sq km

Gross regional product (2008 estimate): USD 9.9 bln

Per capita gross regional product (2008 estimate): USD 10,360

Primary economic activities:

  • Mining operations is the leading branch of economy based on extraction of coal, gas, petroleum and other mineral resources
  • Petroleum and gas extraction – over 130 petroleum, petroleum and gas, natural gas and gas condensate fields are explored; 68 fields are being industrially used
  • Coal industry. Pechora coal basin is the second largest Russian coal deposit containing wide range of coal grades, securing operation and development of raw materials base for by-product coke industry and power engineering
  • Lumber industry includes organizations dealing with logging, wood processing and pulp-and-paper industry. Wood industry includes wood sawing, manufacture of plywood, wooden fibreboards, wood chipboards and medium density fibreboard, wood building structures

Agriculture. Farmlands make 0.5% of all the lands of Republic. Agro-industrial complex includes diverse agricultural organizations, manufacturers of food products, farms and private household plots. Cattle-breeding is the key branch of agricultural industry. Deer-breeding is developed as well.

Natural resources: Key fuel and energy resources in Komi Republic are petroleum, gas, peat and coal slates. Metallic mineral resources include ferrous metal ores (titanium, manganese, chrome), non-ferrous ores (aluminum, copper, lead, zink), rare (niobium, tantalum, tungsten, molybdenum), disseminated (gallium, scandium) and rare-earth metals (cerium, ittrium). As for noble metals, gold prevails; silver, platinum and diamonds have been also found. Komi Republic has the largest and most promising raw materials base of bauxite ores in Russia. The raw materials base of titanium ores is the largest in Russia and neighboring countries. As for nonmetallics, most significant economic value belongs to barite, quartz raw materials, glass sands, rock salt and potassium-and-magnesium salt.

Komi Republic lies in subarctic and temperate zones. The largest rivers are Pechora, Vychegda. Over 78,000 of lakes are situated in the region. Woods occupy over 70% of its territory; taiga prevails, passing into tundra in the north.

Fuel and energy complex includes major hydro-electric power plants and smaller heat power stations. Energy system of Komi Republic is a unified practically closed territorial complex consisting of 5 generation systems - Vorkutinsky, Intinsky, Pechorsky, Ukhtinsky (Central) and Southern - connected by backbone single-circuit power line - 220 kW over 1,000 km long. Electric power generated in the region covers all internal need for energy. Only 5% of all the generated electric power is transferred outside the region. Over 70% of electric power is generated on natural gas. Coal, oil fuel, diesel fuel, industrial wood residue serve fuel as well.

Foreign trade turnover in 2010 made USD 1,587.5 mln, including export – USD 1,337 mln, import – USD 250.5 mln. Trade partners of Komi Republic in 2009 accounted for over 100 countries.

Transport. Transport system includes railway, inland water and motor transport. There are seven airports, two of them being of federal significance and five regional airports. 6,000 km long oil and gas pipelines run across the region.

Tourism. Komi Republic is an ideal place for educational and health-improving tourism. Activities like hunting, fishing, rafting, visiting national parks and wildlife reserves bring a lot of joy to tourists. Open air ethnographic museums of the Republic preserve historic evidence of culture, lifestyle and traditions of ancient people of Komi. 

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