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Ivanovo Region

Ivanovo RegionGeographical location. Being a part of agriculturally developed historical centre of Russia, Ivanovo Region has a very vantage geographical position. It lies in the centre of European part of the country, much of its territory stretching between Volga and Klyazma rivers. The neighbouring regions are: Kostroma Region in the North, Vladimir Region in the South, Yaroslavl Region in the West and Nizhny Novgorod Region in the East.

Federal district: Central

Administrative centre: Ivanovo, distance to Moscow – 275 km

Major cities: Ivanovo (409,300 people), Kineshma (92,400 people), Shuya (58,900 people), Vichuga (38,500 people), Furmanov (37,600 people)

Population: 1,054,000 people

Population density: 50.4 people per sq km

Gross regional product: RUR 101.2 bln (2010)

Primary social and economic activities. In 2009 the gross regional product made RUR 86.6 bln and in 2010 it reached RUR 101.2 bln. Per capita GRP is traditionally recognized the lowest one in the Central Federal District and in 2009 it was thrice lower than the average national one. The share of public services sector in the regional economics is high (for the central part of Russia).

The GRP 2009 was mostly composed by:

  • manufacturing industry (18.2%);
  • wholesale and retail trading, repair of motor vehicles and motorbikes, household goods and personal demand items (16.1%);
  • state administration and military security; obligatory social welfare (11.5%);
  • transportation and connection (9.4%);
  • building industry (8.8%);
  • public health service and social services (7.6%);
  • production and distribution of electric power, gas and water (6.6%);
  • education (6.4%).

Major industries. Ivanovo Region refers to highly developed industrial regions, with manufacturing industries as major ones (textile industry, machine-building, chemical and wood-working industries) and companies dealing with electric power supply and construction materials industry as minor.

Textile industry is the principal industry of the region with more than 35 thous. people employed. 2/3 of the national manufacturing capacities producing cotton fabrics are situated here. 28.6% of the products shipped by all the regional enterprises fall on this industry. About 1/6 of the regional population are someway connected with the textile industry and its enterprises.

Agriculture. According to the national agricultural census dating July 1, 2006 the total area of cultivated land engaged with farming of all the known categories makes 720 thous.ha or 34% of the land belonging to the region, including 413 thous.ha or 19% of ploughland. Farmers raise stock for milk and meat, rear pigs and poultry, grow fibre-flax, feed crop, potato and other vegetables.

Natural and mineral resources. Natural environment favors the people to farm, engaged primarily with cattle farming. The Volga together with its tributaries (e.g. the Nerl etc.) is the major river of the region. Ashen-gray soils and boggy soils prevail. Conifer and mingled woods are seriously thinned as a result of economic activity.

Ivanovo Region has very few mineral resources, sedimentaries prevailing among them. Two proven federal deposits of glass-making sand were discovered in the region: Palekh deposit (Palekh district) containing 3.4 mln tons of recoverable reserves and Kudrevatinskoye deposit (Lezhnevo district) with its 1.2 mln tons. The federal deposit of phosphate rock “Darkovskoye” (1.2 thous ha in the area) with reserves as much as 4.5 mln tons was explored in the Yuryevetsky district.

The region possesses certain reserves of moulding loam, peat, sapropel, fresh and medicinal groundwater, mineral and medicinal table water; construction materials: fusible clays, raw materials for production of expanded-clay, mortar sand and silicate sand, sand-and-gravel materials.

Fuel and energy complex is one of the leading industries in the regional economics, 8-9% of the gross regional product belonging to this branch. Heat energy is produced by 3 combined heat and power plants and 902 boiler plants, 693 of them are included into the utilities sector supplying the companies of social sphere and inhabitants with heat.

Foreign trade turnover. Ivanovo Region is rapidly developing its foreign trade ties with over 80 countries, 72 of which are importing their products into the region. In 2009 the regional foreign trade turnover made USD 416.9 mln, export – USD 87.1 mln, import – USD 329.8 mln.

In general, import penetration tends to grow surpassing that of export. The main imported goods are textile products, shoes and machine-building products brought chiefly from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, China, Austria, Belgium, Italy and Germany. The regional export capacity is presented mainly by textile products (40.1%), chemical products (29.6%), vehicles and equipment for industrial enterprises and service parts for them (24.5%).

Transport infrastructure. Ivanovo and Kineshma are the main transport hubs of the region. There are no large traffic streams apart from the Volga waterway. Transport network is represented with several transport means:

  • automobile transport – 5.2 mln km of public motorways, 5.017 mln km of them covered with hard surface;
  • railway transport – 590 km of railroads;
  • water transport – 220 km of navigable waterway down the Volga favor interregional and international freight traffic. The navigation period lasts 210 days. The water system includes cargo port and riverside station in Kineshma, berth in Yuryevets and passenger berth in Plyos;
  • air transport – the international airport named “Ivanovo-Yuzhny” able to serve the main passenger airplanes and all the planes up to 30 tons in weight works in Ivanovo.

Tourism. There are dozens of historical and cultural monuments in the region. The towns Ivanovo, Palekh and Plyos are the part of the Russian Golden Ring.

Speaking about the ancient churches, one can mention the wooden graveyard Dormitory church (1815), monastery of the Holy Assumption (friary transferred here from the Pokrovsky monastery built in the 16th century), the Old Believers’ Church (19th century) and Cathedral of the Transfiguration built in the end of the 19th century after traditions of church architecture of the 17th century.

The following objects can be of special interest: the house-museum of I.I.Levitan, the Palekh Art Museum, Ivanovo Museum of local lore, Museum of Ivanovo chintz, the Art and History Museum of Kineshma, the House-museum of the Tsvetayevs located in Novo-Talitsy etc.

The region houses the annual film festival in the name of Andrey Tarkovsky. 

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