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Orel Region

Orel RegionGeographical location. Orel Region lies in the south-western part of Russia, in the center of Central Russian Upland. Area – 24,700 sq km.

Federal district: Central

Administrative center: Orel, distance to Moscow – 368 km

Major cities: Livny, Mtsensk, Bolkhov

Population: 812,500 people

Population density: 33.1 people per sq km

Gross regional product (2008 estimate): RUR 95.4 bln (USD 3.18 bln)

Per capita gross regional product (2008 estimate): RUR 116,500 (USD 3,900)

Primary economic activities: The regional economy has clearly-cut agricultural-industrial character, with agriculture contributing 12.9 % (2007) and industry 28.3% of gross regional product. Primary branches of industry are machine-building, construction and food industries.

  • Machine building makes 30% of production output, with the enterprises situated in Orel, Livny, Mtsensk manufacturing technological equipment for various industrial branches, automatic loaders, construction equipment, public service machines and spare parts for them.
  • Metallurgy: the enterprises of this branch manufacture cold drawn steel, steel wire cord, steel-wire ropes, fasteners, aluminium castings, non-ferrous alloys.
  • Food industry is represented by a wide range of high-quality products made of natural local raw products.

Agriculture produces 12.9% of gross regional product. 85.3% of the region’s land is cultivated. Agro-industrial complex specializes in production of grain, sugar beet, potato, vegetables, oilseeds, meat, milk and eggs.

Natural and mineral resources: Orel Region lies at the border of steppe and forest steppe zone. Major rivers: Oka, Bystra Sosna, Nerussa, Navlya and Svapa with the tributaries. The region has a lot of fish-breeding ponds and reservoirs, the largest lying in the Lubna and Svapa rivers in the western part of the region.

Mineral resources of the region include iron ores, refractory and fusible clays, tripolites, mineral paints, cement raw products, building stones, chalk, sands for construction works and manufacturing of silicate goods, clays and clay loams for production of mineral cotton. There is a deposit of uranium ores developed in the south-west of the region.

Fuel and energy complex. The main electric power line – 500 kW – delivers electricity to the region from Kursk and Smolensk nuclear power stations.

Foreign trade turnover. In 2009, foreign trade turnover of the region made USD 601.6 mln. Export – USD 150.5 mln, import – USD 451.1 mln. The region entered into trade relations with Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Poland, Lithuania, Germany, Azerbaijan, Latvia, France, Italy, and Ireland. Export pattern is oriented towards raw materials: secondary aluminium, metalware, machines and equipment, ceramic tile, grain, rawhide. In the import pattern raw materials for production operations prevail.

Transport infrastructure of Orel Region includes motor, railway, in-city electric transport and relevant infrastructure objects (roads, railway stations, tram and trolley lines), pipe-line transport.

  • Total mileage of railways for general use – over 650 km
  • Total mileage of hard-surface motor roads– about 5.6 km
  • In-city electric transport carries out a good deal of passenger transportation in the regional center. The tram lines length in use – 18 km, that of trolley lines – 46.8 km.
  • 1 oil pipeline and 3 international gas pipelines, which are strategically significant to the region, cross the territory of Orel Region

Tourism. The historical and cultural heredity of Orel Region is of great interest to lots of tourists. The region was a place of birth and living for many prominent Russian writers and poets: Turgenev, Leskov, Andreyev were born and grown here; Fet, Tyutchev, Bunin, Zaitsev and Prishvin lived and worked in Orel Region. Turgenev’s Spasskoye-Lutovinovo Estate-Museum is a unique memorial of spiritual culture of the Russian folk.

The region keeps memories of the most significant events of the Great Patriotic War - in 1943 the region became the centre of Orel-Kursk Duga battle, one of the biggest tank battles in human history.

A unique piece of ancient nature - Orlovskoye Polesye (Orel forest area) - has been preserved in the region in its absolute beauty, with the National Park set up on its territory over 15 years ago. Tourists can visit a captive zoo with over 30 species of birds and animals. Orlovskoye Polesye is the site for implementation of a special program aimed at creation of European bison population living in the wild.

The ancient Russian Orthodox center, the town of Bolkhov is visited by a great number of pilgrims.

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