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Vologda Region

Vologda RegionGeographic position: Vologda Region (Vologda Oblast) is located in the north of the European part of the Russian Federation. It is one of the largest regions in the country and covers almost 1% of its area (145,700 m2)

Federal district: Northwestern

Administrative center: Vologda (298,300 people), distance to Moscow – 460 km

Major cities: Cherepovets (308,000 people), Sokol (40,700), Veliky Ustyug (32,000), Gryazovets (15,500)

Population: 1,256,000 people

Population density: 8.6 per sq km

Gross regional product (2007 estimate): RUR 243.9 bln (USD $10 bln)

Primary economic activities. Vologda Region is an industrially developed region. It ranks 4th in industry shipments per capita in Russia and 1st among the regions of the Northwestern district. The volume of industrial sales per capita is almost twice as large as the average in Russia.

The predominating industries are ferrous metallurgy, chemical industry (Cherepovets), machine building, metal working, timber, timber processing and pulp and paper industries (Vologda, Sokol). Light industry is represented by flax processing enterprises, two large flax plants, lace, clothing and knitting factories.

  • Ferrous metallurgy. Every sixth ton of Russia′s total volume of rolled metal is produced at Severstal Steel Mill. Severstal is the leading international steel producer headquartered in Cherepovets, Vologda Region. It is a Russia-based group of companies involved in three main business segments: steel, mining and metalware. Ferrous metallurgy products include a wide range of hot-rolled and cold-rolled sheet steel; zinc and aluminozinc plated sheets; steel wire and steel rope; pig iron; and other iron and steel products.
  • Chemical industry. The industrial output at the leading chemical enterprises of the Vologda Region comes to 35% of Russia′s accumulative total. The range of chemical products is rather wide - phosphate fertilizers, granular and liquid mineral fertilizers, nitrogenous mineral fertilizers, ammonia, medicinal nitrous oxide, and organic products such as diethylbenzene, triethylbenzene, one-degree benzene and polyurethane foam products.
  • Machine building takes a dominating position in the structure of Vologda Region industry. This sector is represented by three main productions – machinery and equipment; electrical, optical and electronic devices; vehicles and equipment.
  • Timber industry. Being one of the key businesses in the Vologda Region (over 150 large and medium-sized enterprises), forestry comprises logging, wood processing, pulp and paper industries.
  • Agribusiness. Agricultural lands make up 10% of the total available land. The leading branch is dairy which takes 70% of all agriculture production. Industrial and production potential of the agriculture industry provides the population with meat, dairy products, eggs and potatoes.

Natural resources. Vologda Region is a vast wooded area with some 69% (10 mln has) of its total land covered with forests: mostly spruce, but also pine and deciduous (birch, aspen, etc.). The region is noted for a watershed of three seas (the Baltic, the White Sea, the Caspian Sea). Numerous rivers and brooks (all in all 20,000) and many lakes (5,300) are used for water supply, transport communication, fishing and tourism. The region boasts of a wide natural resource base including major deposits of peat, fluxing limestone, gravel, construction sand, loam, sapropel, haydite, underground waters and other strategic minerals.

The foreign trade turnover of the region was USD 5,407.2 million in 2008. The leading export is ferrous metal, mineral fertilizers, wood, bearings. The import is dominated by ferrous metallurgy raw materials and machine-building products.

Transport network. Motor roads, Railroads, International airport, River transport (cargo and a passenger port). The Volga-Baltic Waterway crossing the region enables businessmen to ship goods to the ports of the Baltic, White, Caspian, Black and Mediterranean seas.

Tourism. Fifteen cities and towns of the region – Vologda, Belozersk, Kirillov, Ferapontovo and others – preserved impressive architectural ensembles that attract the ever-increasing numbers of visitors. There is also the National Park "Russian North" and the Darwin State Reserve in the territory of the Vologda Region. The popular folkcrafts of the region include the Northern niello, Vologda laces, coloured enamels with gold and silver veneer, carving on birch bark and the original technique of tinplate frosting. 

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