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1.The control system of combustion engine friction units wear
2.Centre of innovative pharmaceutical technologies
3.International web-portal for children SkyKiddy.com
4.Intelligent game set
5.Creation and development of technopark in Samara Region
6.Unique program for training Sales Department staff
7.Media portal "Fact spot"
8.New effective learning program
9.VECTOR system for built-in unified tribodiagnostics control of various purpose equipment
10.Technology and equipment for natural, shale, oil-dissoved and other hydrocarbon gas processing into high value added products
11.High-rise building erection method using helicopter with a suspension regulation system, and helicopter operations control
12.Online electric
13.International permanent fair for energy saving technologies – Ecological ground in the Crimea
14.General purpose laboratory block studying microcontrollers
15.Conversion of Palace of Culture into Palace of a Book: innovative approach towards organization of library operation in a small town (Sokol)


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