What is the mankind's most dangerous invention?

Atomic bomb
Fast food

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1.Construction of a night mega-club
2.Ивестиция в Словакии. Аквапарк на ГЕОТЕРМАЛЬНЫХ ИСТОЧНИКАХ в районе ГОРНОЛЫЖНОГО КУРОРТА Западных Татр.
3.Construction of trade-and-entertainment complex “Collage”
4.Construction of a multi-function trade-and-entertainment complex
5.Construction of aquapark
6.Territory of the 60s
7.Construction of a sports-and-concert hall
8.Winter sports centre
9.Foundation of gabling zone “Primorye”
10.Organization of a tourism and recreation special economic zone
11.Foundation of a bath-and-laundry complex
12.Foundation of a tourist complex
13.Yamskaya Sloboda
14.Palekh – the motherland of the Fire-bird
15.Manufacture of fibre-foam materials

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