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Atomic bomb
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1.Manufacture of LED power supply and IGBT modules
2.Cable and wiring products manufacture
3.Dockyard construction
4.The control system of combustion engine friction units wear
5.Production of sapphire substrates for LED industry
6.Method for increasing tool life
7.Planarization of trimmed curved surfaces
8.Selective quality control of the output product
9.A method of processing workpieces during turning and chipping
10.New effective lubricants CIATIM-221U and VNIINP-207U
11.Stops and guides testing under shock load conditions
12.Integrated system for monitoring and protecting movable objects
13.Lazer electronic pen
14.VECTOR system for built-in unified tribodiagnostics control of various purpose equipment
15.Technology and equipment for natural, shale, oil-dissoved and other hydrocarbon gas processing into high value added products


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