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The 17th International Russian Banking Forum, London, UK.

Dates: 29 November - 2 December 2010
Venue: Renaissance Chancery Court Hotel, London, UK

The International Russian Banking Forum is a premier annual event for the Russian banking sector. Over 250 participants attend this event annually, with a staggering 85% being Board-level executives.

Andrei Klepach, Deputy Minsiter, Ministry for Economic Development of the Russian Federation, will deliver a keynote presentation at the Forum.

This year organizers have increased the interactivity of the event and have developed numerous exciting and innovative programme features.

Programme highlights:

  • STRATEGIC FOCUS DAY on “Risk Management in the New Era: Global Practices and their Successful Application in Russia”, 29th November . This highly strategic risk day will provide the top management of banks with a clear outline as to what they should be focused on as a financial institution, and what is critical to consider when trying to implement a successful risk management strategy in a new economic environment.
  • NEW! ECONOMIC HEAD TO HEAD featuring prominent Russian and international economists who will give their view on the global economic recovery, its impact on Russia and the financial system. 
  • NEW! THE INVESTOR DEBATE: to invest in Russia or not? Where are the high return opportunities to be found? Panellists will be drawn from international fund managers and investors who will discuss their investment strategies for emerging markets and summarise the key challenges prohibiting their entrance into the Russian financial sector. 
  • SPOTLIGHT ON SECURITISATION as a source of long term finance plus the potential for the development of other asset backed securities, including a case study of the first innovative securitisation deal using combined mortgage portfolios of two banks
  • NEW! BANKING ANALYSTS THINK TANK: Special focus on the domestic capital markets as a source of funding. Leading bank analysts from both international and Russian banks will discuss trends and forecasts for the development of the domestic capital markets in the short to medium term and what opportunities they offer to the Russian banks?
  • NEW! THE RETAIL LEADERS DEBATE where CEOs of the leading Russian retail banks will come together and provide you with a unique opportunity to hear their views on what is hot and what is not, what works and what doesn’t and what their priorities are for the coming year.
  • Extensive NETWORKING opportunities and NEW Electronic E-connect System which enables to pre-arrange meetings with the participants of your choice, hence maximising the time they spend at the event.

Further information is available on Adam Smith Conferences website.

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