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Rocket Internet Plans New Cleaning Service Startup

Rocket Internet is working on a copy of Homejoy. Homejoy provides household services such as cleaning for its clients. 25 people are currently working on the Rocket adaption, and the launch is scheduled for the beginning of next year. When asked about further details on the new startup, Rocket declined to comment.

Cloning Homejoy fits to the Rocket strategy. The US company received $38 million in financing across two funding rounds from Google Ventures and Redpoint Ventures in December. Paypal Founder Max Levchin, First Round Captial, Oliver June, and Mike Hirshland also invested, as TechCrunch reported. The startup was accelerated by Y Combinator and is now considering extending its service to include not only cleaning but other household chores. This could include gardening, janitorial services and other similar jobs.

Rocket’s new startup team is said to be one that already has founding experience. At the moment, CleanAgents, that is supported by Immobilienscout, is active in a similar market. Mopp.com in Great Britain can also be counted in this industry. For Rocket, it means it must do what it does best: quick implementation, fast market entry, and rapid internationalization. Homejoy is currently active in 30 states in the US and also in Canada.

The last startup to come from Rocket was credit platfrom Lendico, which has recently launched in Spain. 

2014-03-17, VentureVillage, Nikolaus Roettger.

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Rocket Internet Plans New Cleaning Service Startup
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