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New Russian solution to drive arrhythmia out of Earth?

Russian scientists are said to have developed what seems to be a unique drug capable of effectively fighting arrhythmia, a serious condition in which the electrical activity of the heart is irregular, Rnd.cnews.ru reported.

The new development comes from the heart electrophysiology lab of the Moscow-based Research Institute of Experimental Cardiology. The Russian Fundamental Research Fund is reported to have supported the effort.

At the moment, cardiovascular diseases are the deadliest natural killer in the world. Arrhythmia, a generally non life-threatening condition that nonetheless causes cardiac arrest in a growing number of instances, is believed to be the deadliest of them all. An estimated 2% of the global population are found to have developed arrhythmia, of whom people aged 50 and above account for an alarming 15%.

Most advanced modern drugs are known to help only in 50% of cases, and using such drugs leads to serious complications, including death, in an estimated 10-15% of cases.

The new Russian solution provisionally called “nipheridil” might come as an answer to the growing problem. The drug is said to have undergone all necessary tests and is hitting the Russian market in the form of ampoules for injections starting June 2014. The “nipheridil” is also believed to be able to treat ventricular fibrillation, an arrhythmia that physicians say is the most widespread heartbeat anomaly.

Unlike other drugs designed to take care of the problem, the newcomer is expected to be “twice as efficient,” really helping in 85-90% of cases. With the “nipheridil,” side effects are reported to occur in 1.2% of cases only.

According to tentative estimates, at least three million Russian patients need a drug like this new one. 

2014-03-12, Marchmont News.

Keywords: medicine and healthcare, science

New Russian solution to drive arrhythmia out of Earth?
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