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Tyumen technology to treat water to “zero toxicity”

Innovators at Tyumen Research and Design Institute of Natural Gases have developed a new water treatment technology called “Waterfall.”

According to portal Science & Technologies Russia reporting the news, the technology helps exclude the use of chemical reagents; water is exposed to electrical currents and electromagnetic fields instead. This is said to result in the destruction of hydrate coatings that surround the molecules of pollutants, and the residue is stuck to the surface of a special aluminum anode.

The Waterfall technology has a reported number of advantages, including an improved level of water quality irrespective of a level of contamination in water sources. The system is said to produce drinking water with a zero toxicity index, with a negligible 2.5-3% loss of drinking water in the process.

The Waterfall stations, which the Tyumen institute manufactures at its experimental factory in the town of Antipino, are self-contained and require minimum maintenance staff. More advantages reportedly include a 15-25% reduction of fuel consumption at boiler houses and a four-to-five time increase in boilers’ service life as a result of scaling prevention.

More than a hundred Waterfall stations with a capacity of 5,000-8,000 cubic meters of water a day each already operate at projects run by Gazprom, Russia’s natural gas monopoly, and other sizable companies. 

2014-02-26, Marchmont News.

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Tyumen technology to treat water to “zero toxicity”
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